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The Greatest Godzilla Movie You'll Never See [Video]

The following clip features a Godzilla invasion scene that is truly awesome. Seen primarily from the point of view of Japanese citizens, it captures the terror and devastation of the monster invasion with a more realistic feel.
Plus, at the end, we see a fully CGI Godzilla with a more bestial feel. In short, it makes the 1998 version look like crap. Want to see the rest? Too bad. It's not a real movie. It's actually a dream sequence from a Godzilla-loving character in the Japanese comedy, Always Zoku Sanchome no Yuhi (Always: Sunset on Third Street 2). We can only hope the next Godzilla that comes out will be half as good as this.

via YouTube

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  1. Damn, that was a cool looking Godzilla! I have high hopes for the reboot, especially with Gareth Edwards directing.


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