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'Real Steel' Trailer KOs Your Heart, Jamaican Jedi Soundboard, My Little Pony Meets Watchmen, Amy Pond Leaves 'Doctor Who'

Here's your daily list of click-worthy links.

Does Hugh Jackman love his son enough to train a robot boxer? What does a Jamaican Jedi sound like? Should Watchmen have had more doe-eyed ponies? Will Smallville end up fitting into the comic book chronology? Will Amy Pond trickle out of Doctor Who?

Watchmen was a flop, but maybe it was because Zack Snyder didn't make it cute enough. Watch the Watchmen "My Little Pony" mash-up "Ponymen."  You'll agree that Rorchache the homicidal homeless man never looked cuddlier. - Blastr

Fox has cancelled Human Target according to Hollywood Reporter. No surprise since the second season took away the few interesting things about the show. Fox Pulls the Trigger on Its Upfront Pickups: What's Ordered, Dead and Likely to Be Retooled

In memory of the death of Bob Marley, try out the Jamaican Jedi Kit Fisto sound board. Yeah Mon. Feel da' force... Kit Fisto Joins The SW Soundboards

The superman prequel show Smallville ends its series run this Friday and this post supposedly answers the question of where the series fits in the greater mythology of Superman. Short answer is: it doesn't.
‘Smallville’ producers: ‘Where do we fit into the greater mythology?’

The newest trailer for the Hugh Jackman futuristic robot boxing movie Real Steel is out and it finally explains why a guy would decide to train a robot boxer anyway. Turns out its because he loves his son. There isn't a better reason than that. Hugh Jackman's New Job: Boxing Robots

Doctor Who may be losing another companion. Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) is scheduled to be shooting a new BBC Four drama We'll Take Manhattan. She said, "This is perfect for the first thing that I do after I finish Doctor Who." Gulp. What will they do with her boxes of short skirts?
Will this be the last Doctor Who season for Amy Pond?

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  1. There are so many series available on television. But Smallville series really good for watching. I really missed it. 

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  2. Leroy, Smallville did end. I was actually surprised by how many questions the finale answered.

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  3. Smallville series ended its run this Friday, the situation points to the great myths of the Superman answered a series of imaginary part.

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  4. Hugh Jackman is the next Harrison Ford.

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