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What Can We Expect from the Eleventh Doctor Who?

Doctor Who, the British time-traveller, is returning to television on Saturday Apr. 17, and here's a run down of what we know so far.

Matt Smith, at 27, plays the eleventh regeneration of the Doctor, wearing suspenders (braces), a bow tie, tweed jacket and emo haircut covering his gargantuan forehead. He describes his take as "a little reckless. He'll walk into a room and have a million things to do. And, as opposed to knowing exactly how to get out, he'll take it up to the precipice: don't know, don't know, don't know, and boom, there's the idea. And it's a bit mad and reckless." Although he admits the angst of the character is unavoidable, he wants to have fun with it.

Karen Gillan plays Amy Pond, the Doctor's new companion and describes herself as "Amy's a sassy lady, funny and passionate, and her relationship with the doctor has a really interesting dynamic... She has a love for him, a really deep love for him. But not romantic." She also likes wearing short skirts.

The TARDIS, the Doctor's time-traveling whip, will be getting a make-over after crashing during his regeneration. The control room will be three times the size of its predecessor, with a spiraling staircase and various anachronistic items scattered around the room like television sets, record players and a swing. I've seen some mock-ups and, while it is a huge difference, it makes me wonder if it's just for show or they're planning to do more bottle shows on the ship.

The feel of the show is said to be leaning more towards a fairy-tale style "like Twilight." As scary as this sounds, it kind of makes sense since Moffit's style has always had an unsettling sense of unreality. If they don't over do it, this should be fine.

So, does the new Doctor Who sound like Nirvana or a nightmare? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. I'm wary of the new Doctor Who, but only because he has big shoes to fill. The tenth Doctor Who (David Tennant) was the most popular since Tom Baker. But I'm optimistic. The series could use a kick in the pants.

  2. Yeah. The guy seems so gangly and goofy. We'll see though.


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