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This Week in Geek 01/01/10 Thor, Avatar, Predator and Sir Captain Picard

[Pic of the week by Springfield Punks via Gizmodo]

It was kind of weird writing the date as 010110. In hex color code it's, basically, black. In binary it's 22, and the 22nd letter of the alphabet is V.  Coincidentally, we talk about a black guy named Laurence Fishbourne and the TV show V. I tried to find some kind of news using the number 22, to round it out, but couldn't come up with anything. Next year the date will be 01/01/11 (00010111 is 23 in binary) and I'll bet people go all "woo-woo" about what it portends. Speaking of numerology, Knowing was garbage. Let's get on with the news.
  1. Avatar has been the most bootlegged film ever, and Avatar: The Making of the Bootleg is a mock behind-the-scenes video of a bootleg production team including a "Bootleg Director" ("If you end up shooting, and you get caught, you know to act like you're retarded right?") a "Bootleg Art Director" ("The visuals are so stunning they really need to be watched on a reasonably sized TV.") and a "Bootleg Producer" ("One of the landmark things that Tim is doing is shooting from two different angles. So, we are seeing it from the front and from the left.") Oddly enough, even though I've seen the movie twice, it makes me want to watch the bootleg version. [JoBlo]
  2. This was a spanking good week for collectibles. You can either purchase a Lynda Carter Likeness Wonder Woman Bust for $80 or a full-sized replica of the Back to the Future Delorean for $85k. [Comicbookmovie]
    TOSS-UP: In a fight, who would win: Thor or Wonder Woman? Thanks to ElectricFerret for raising the question.
  3. I was bored by the idea of the Predators (2010) movie, written by the venerable Robert Rodriguez, until I heard they've cast Laurence Fishburne. While the movie will be worthless, his performance will save the film, since Larry makes everything better including Pee-Wee's Playhouse.
  4. The alien-invasion show V suffered from plummeting ratings, so ABC has cut the episode run by one to 12. If such a widely hyped show gets cancelled, this will end 80s remakes for a while. [Scifiwire]
    ODDS-MAKERS: V: The Series (1984) ran 19 episodes. What are the odds V (2009) will air more episodes?
  5. TOSS-UP: Sir Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) or Knight Peter Jackson (King Kong)?
  6. James Cameron said in an interview on MTV, "They've done the good [superheroes] and they're starting to get down to the second and third tier of superheroes - the guys that would not be asked to speak at the annual superhero dinner." He has a point about descending the superhero ladder, but I think it actually creates opportunities for lesser known heroes to shine. Most people had never heard of "Iron Man", but he's become one of the biggest superhero franchises ever. [Splashpage]
    TOSS-UP: Who'd you rather see in a movie: "Hong-Kong Phooey" or "Dazzler?
Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments!
UPDATE: Minor grammatical changes.


  1. 2. I'd say Wonder woman would win, only because I can't imagine Thor walloping on a girl.

    4. I'd give the odds at 46%. Unless the next episodes are phenomenally good I can't see them breaking the slide.

    5. Patrick stewart's already done Shakespeare and is older, so I have to give it up to Stewart.

    6. If they kep all the retro 70s hair and style then it's Dazzler hands down.

  2. 1. Ironic, considering industry types are pushing 3D to try to deter bootlegging.
    2. Thor. He's a freakin' god who can throw lightning with a hammer. Wonder Woman has a lasso. No contest.
    3. I'm excited about "Predators." More Predators are always a good thing.
    4. No, the TV remakes will continue, just like the movie remakes of TV shows will continue. It's just too easy. But I was sorry to see that go. That was a good show. ODDS: "V: The Series" will outlast the new "V."
    5. Patrick Stewart. He's superior in every contest.
    6. I disagree. I think what's happening is that they're finally getting to some of the good heroes, instead of redoing the same ones over and over again. Iron Man and Green Lantern are some of the most powerful heroes out there. It's not like they're making movies out of Ant-Man and Black Falcon. TOSS-UP: Dazzler

  3. @MonkeyMigraine I hate to say it, but Ant-Man is coming in 2012 (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0478970/.) While the talking to ants part is lame, the special effects would be amazing. As for "Black Falcon", I would actually like to see that one since there are precious few African-American superheros out there and the flying scenes would be awesome..

  4. 1. I never thought of that, but that is ironic.
    3. I don't know. What was great about the original is the idea that a seasoned group of soldiers could be picked off one-by-one by one guy. Plus, the ending fight scene was awesome. Still, it worked for "Aliens". AvP was good too, but in a different way.

  5. I happened to like the Knowing - well, probably it was the first movie of its kind I ever watched. I never watched movies til there was free movie streaming online so I haven't seen that much movies up til recently.


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