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SyFy's Phantom is the Ghost Who Walks Nowhere

For some reason, one of our most popular posts to date is "TV Movie The Phantom Images Released", so here's an update: It's dead. Syfy made a big splash about the upcoming mini-series based on Lee Falk's purple-suited comic character "The Phantom" last year with a sneak peek and then quietly snuck off hoping no one would remember it. Imdb says the film is in post-production with a Canadian air date of December 20th of last year. Ryan Carnes, who plays the hero, Chris Moore, lists this film as his last project. This is not surprising considering everyone hated the goofy costume redesign and the trailer looked like something out of a cracker-jack box.

Even the plot summary by Muse Entertainment, the Canadian film company, sounds awful:
"Law student and parkour runner ('traceur') Chris is shocked to learn that he was adopted and that he is actually the son of The Phantom, a caped crime-fighter. He joins the Phantom team in the jungles of Bengalla to be expertly trained in martial arts and combat, and emerges as the next Phantom to battle the assassins of the evil Singh Brotherhood."
First off, the Phantom never wore a cape. He wore a skin-tight bodysuit with a lone ranger mask and a hood.  Second, how in the world does a law student have time to learn the complex, and physically demanding, sport of parkour? Third...what?

I think the ridiculous plot and, almost universally panned, costume design left the series with so much bad buzz that it fall apart. There. Now we can all stop talking about it and look forward to the Austrailian big-screen reboot "The Phantom: Legacy" starring Crocodile Dundee. Just kidding...but it would be kinda cool.

How many Phantom reboots would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!
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  1. Thanks for the update. That sounded like we dodged a bullet. Let's face it: Phantom is a stupid, racist, stereotypical character to begin with. He's Tarzan in a purple leotard. Let it go.

  2. Only one to get it back on track, following the Moonstone Legacy story line with a darker more gritty Phantom.The 21st Phantom not some teenager in a purple hoodie!


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