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This Week in Geek 10/30/2009

How many times can we talk about Star Wars and Star Trek in the same week? Well. Every week, but still, it's pretty cool.  In the comments you can agree or disagree.
  1. The Firefly Serenity ship model, which costs $2,495, is way too expensive for the average geek. However, it would look great next to a hundred dollar lightsaber.
  2. The Planet Hulk story line of 2006, which chronicled the expulsion of hulk from Earth and his subsequent rise to power on the planet Sakaar, chronicles the most significant change to the character since the Grey Hulk. "Planet Hulk", the next straight to DVD animated movie, is going to be the must have DVD of 2010.
  3. Tricia Helfer and Grace Park from Battlestar Galactica are being featured in the November issue of Maxim. Far from being sexy, the photos of the two bone-thin actresses make us want to eat a sandwich.
  4. Brett Ratner saying that his "X-Men: The Last Stand" "kept the franchise alive" makes about as much sense as Joel Schumacher saying taking credit for "The Dark Knight".
  5. FACEOFF: If you could only watch one more Alice in Wonderland adaptation before you die, would it be Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" or SyFy's Alice?
  6. We would gladly move to New York again now that they've added LCD televisions that let you see the subway train car's location in real-time.
  7. Now that we see pictures of the new Klingons from the DVD of  J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" we're glad they were cut out of the final film.
    Odds that the Klingon's will show up in the next movie.
  8. The guy who posted a Craigslist add for a legless amputee to complete his "Chewbacca carrying C-3PO" costume deserves to get blown up by the Death Star.


  1. I reckon the Klingon shots were cut out of Star Trek 2009 because Klingons don't take prisoners!

  2. 1. I think there just aren't enough hardcode fans of "Firefly" to support that. A $2,000 Enterprise model would sell, but I doubt this will fly off shelves.
    2. I think the movie will be cool, but I think the Planet Hulk storyline is one of the dumbest storylines I've ever heard. Never read it, but Hulk is supposed to be an outsider. That's the whole appeal of the character. Making him king of a planet defies the core of who he is. And the whole storyline is ripped off from "Gladiator," which was a dumb movie to begin with. What's next, "Citizen Hulk?"
    3. I'm not complaining. Always had a crush on Grace Park. Too much airbrushing, though.
    4. I would agree wth Ratner. While a lot of fans didn't like the movie, it still made money and paved the way for "Wolverine."
    5. Tim Burton's, no doubt. He's got imagination and the creds to back it up. Syfy's version is brought to us by the same crew that brought us the steaming pile known as "Tin Man." No thanks.
    6. Forgot to mention it lets you see the TRAIN car's location. That's pretty cool. Still wouldn't live there, though. Is this really sci-fi related, though?
    7. So his Klingons just had helmets that looked like the forehead armor? Okay. Just shows Abrams has good judgment.
    8. Hey, legless amputees need work, too. But wouldn't it be easier to just build the costume with a dummy in it? Next year, he has to be the rear end of my horse costume.

  3. @Spacerguy LOL It's hard to make it out of a Klingon Stand-off alive all right.

  4. Here's a scary thought, this post elicited the following from "Google ads": "Date Amputee Women Now". Peg and Eileen need love too I guess.


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