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Review: Action Comics #1012 Story is Slow but the Art is Great

Action Comics #1012 cover by Jamal Campbell
Read this review to find out if Action Comics #1012 is worth buying

If you want to avoid spoilers for this comic then skip to the overall section at the end.

Warning: Spoilers for Action Comics #1012

This Superman comic opens with a faux social media account that includes a tongue-in-cheek reference to Aquaman 2 ("to be mostly water ballet") and a conversation between Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen.

Then it cuts to crime boss Mr. Strong and his men talking about Superman's fight with Red Cloud and how it ended with him retreating. They discuss the ramifications of the "Invisible Mafia" known as Leviathan and how it affects their business.

Bendis finds a clever way to keep the comic about Superman even though he's traveling all over the planet for the Leviathan cross-over story. Throughout the comic, they constantly refer to him traveling across the globe and off it. It's an interesting plot device and it works.

Then it cuts to a well-written and touching moment in Superman's Fortress of Solitude in the Bermuda Triangle. Lois and Clark talk about what it was like when they first met.

One of the highlights of the comic is the loving and witty banter between them. He really sells the relationship without making it sappy. She even gets to complain about the Wi-Fi signal.

Meanwhile, reporter Robinson Goode is talking to Perry White and Trish about mysterious photos. First, Goode points to a photo of Lois' father Sam and someone who has the chance to kill him and doesn't. Second, she and Trish talk about a scandalous photo of Lois kissing Superman (who they don't know is really Clark) "right on the lips". There's also a brief moment when she shows that she's losing control of her powers as the supervillain Red Mist.

After that, it jumps to the biggest surprise in the comic. She meets Rose Forest who has a violent vigilante split personality named Thorn. Turns out she's been beating people up trying to stop the crime in Metropolis and has a theory that the corrupt cops of the city are letting her do it. The addition of one of the most obscure characters of the Silver Age is a big surprise.

The comic wraps with Goode meeting the mysterious female crime-lord Leonne and they talk about how the "Queenpin" offered Thorn the chance to make a "real difference in Metropolis.

Overall: Borrow Action Comics #1012 by Brian Michael Bendis and Szymon Kudranski
The comic is great dialogue and artwork but there's not really much going on in the story. Most of it is setting up future stories. It also doesn't feature much Superman for a Superman comic. Mostly people talking about him. But that's how Bendis likes to work so it's fine.

Szymon Kudranski's taken over pencil and inking from Steve Epting and his work is incredibly detailed. Every panel is full of little details and clever facial expressions. I do have a problem with his inconsistent rendering of faces but that's ok.

I wouldn't buy this issue, but it's worth borrowing from a friend or the local library.

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About Action Comics #1012

  • Written by Brian Michael Bendis
  • Artwork by Szymon Kudranski
  • Inking by Gary Frank
  • Color by Brad Anderson
  • Synopsis: Artist Szymon Kudranski joins superstar writer Brian Michael Bendis as the attacks of Leviathan threaten targets across the globe, and the agents of the invisible mafia continue to infect Metropolis in this tie-in to EVENT LEVIATHAN!
  • On Sale Date:   Jun 26th, 2019 
  • U.S. Price: $3.99
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