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Ant-Man and the Wasp: Is Villain Ghost Actually Laurence Fishburne's [SPOLIER]?!

A new rumor is pointing to a huge twist in the movie "Ant-Man and the Wasp" and it could be related to Laurence Fishburn and the new villain Ghost.


In "Ant-Man 2" Laurence Fishburne plays Bill Foster an old colleague of Hank Pym who worked on the "Goliath Project". Hannah John-Kamen plays Ava, aka Ghost, a villain who has the ability to pass through objects by using the Quantum Realm.

The rumor is that Ghost is actually the daughter of Foster and Hank's wife Janet Van Dyne played by Michelle Pfeiffer. At first, it seems silly but once you break down the evidence it's pretty compelling.

First, according to CBR Fishburne dropped a couple of intriguing hints at the Hollywood premiere. "I play a character called Bill Foster, who is a colleague and sort of a foil for Michael Douglas’ character, Hank Pym," Fishburne teased. "They worked together and things didn’t go very well and now they sort of have a contentious relationship. Yeah, like that. They both think they're the smartest guy in the room."

What could cause them to have a "contentious" relationship? Foster sleeping with his friend's wife would do that.

Second, Fishburne also said that his relationship with Ava is like a "surrogate daughter" and added, "We have a sort of father/daughter thing going on." That would make sense if they are father and daughter.

Third, the director Payton Reed teased that the mission to save Hank's wife Janet would have far-reaching implications. "The big mission is to find Janet," Reed told ScreenRant. "What that means, ultimately, for our characters on a personal level is one thing and what it means for the larger world is another thing. And all the other things are really stumbling blocks on the path. There is a big bad that has a very unique relationship to our characters."

A very unique relationship would be that Ava is Hope Van Dyne's half-sister. She's the daughter of Hank's wife and the daughter of Bill Foster. A very tangled web indeed.

Fourth, while it's not unheard of to cast biracial actors it's noteworthy that Hannah John-Kamen is bi-racial. John-Kamen was born in England and is the youngest child of a Nigerian forensic psychologist father and a Norwegian former fashion model mother. If Foster is her father and Janet is her mother then that would fit.

Could Ghost be the love child of Hank's wife? We'll find out but it would make her the most unique villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What do you think of the rumor?

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