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Marina Sirtis Reveals the Secret Underwear on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

A recently uncovered behind-the-scenes video shows what was underneath those uniforms.

In 1994 Marina Sirtis, who played Counselor Deanna Troi on "Star Trek: The Next Generation", several movies and shows shared a behind-the-scenes look at the costumes for the show.

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It was included in the bonus video for the Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 DVD special feature "Dressing The Future Year Seven" ("The Process").

Her fearless sense of humor starts out with a joke about the sign warning that it's "drafty" in Southern California before moving on to the costumes.

At about the 2-minute mark, she introduces what she calls the "Industrial Strength Starfleet Regulation Brassiere" that we've talked about before in our article on Deanna Troi's costume. Sirtis said she's partly responsible for "every woman on the show" wearing them. She laughs that they "add inches where there are none".

Then she moves on to a bin where she introduces the "men's support briefs". She points out the men can't have a VPL (Visible Panty Line) and the briefs help define them.

"Star Trek: The Next Generation: Dressing the Future" Marina Sirtis
Marina Sirtis says she's not sure who wore them but maybe some of her "fellow thespians" wear them.

It's nice to know that the costumes on the show were as unforgiving to the men as it was to the women on the cast.

Costume designer Robert Blackman said, "Spandex is unforgiving, so if you have any sorts of body issues, they are there."

In the first and second season of the show, the male members of the main cast wore padded muscle suits to help fill out the lines.

Most of the cast didn't talk about it but Wil Wheaton listed it as one of the reasons the suits were so uncomfortable. Wheaton said that it was especially hard on his psyche. He has a lean build and said "having to wear all that thick padding did little to improve my fragile teenage self-esteem."

So, thanks to Marina Sirtis, we know some guys were wearing spanks on the Next Generation. Was it Riker, Picard, or Worf? We may never know.

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What do you think of the support briefs? Who do you think wore them?

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