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Marvel Fact-Files Magazine is the Best and Worst Thing for Marvel Fans [Review]

A few weeks back we got two issues of the "Marvel Fact-Files" Collection. Since I used to read the "Marvel Universe" Comics for fun, I jumped at the chance to preview the magazines.  Then, they broke my heart.

Marvel Fact Files collection (http://www.marvel-factfiles.com) is a weekly magazine collection "which builds up into the ultimate Marvel reference guide." It is mind blowing.  Yes, you can look up information on the Internet about the Marvel Universe, but you're not going to find anything like this.

This series is written for hard-core Marvel comics fans by hard-core Marvel comic fans. Although anyone with a passing interest in the Marvel Universe, comic or movie, can enjoy it.

The magazines follow an interesting format. Every issue features in-depth information about heroes and villains, artwork from more than 50 years of Marvel Comics, and newly drawn technical illustrations showing cutaways, maps and plans.

Each magazine is 30 plus pages long and have holes punched in them so you can organize them into the binders you get with your subscription. There are seven sections that make up the series: The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Marvel Knights and Cosmic. There are 100 issues planned in the series and they're up to issue 10 now. 

At first, it's kind of bewildering to see how all the different pieces come together. It's only when you take each magazine apart and put them into sections that it makes sense.The series is designed to help readers get an in-depth look at the full range of marvel comics history.

The project is enormous and a lot of work goes into it. In an interview on Comic Book and Movie Reviews editor Richard Lee (no relation to Stan Lee) said, "It is incredibly hard. We start out by simply choosing the characters that will feature in the different sections of the collection and putting them into one huge list. From here we have long meetings to plan each issue in the collection. There are 6-8 designers/editors that sit in a room and pool our knowledge. We have a giant scary spreadsheet, that gets filled up with articles, but is open to change. Often we find that our writers and editors discover something cool and new about a character as they write a different article."

The Marvel Fact-Files are an essential guide for any fan of comic books and Marvel comics. I would highly recommend it except for one thing.

Here's the bad news for Marvel fans. It's only available in UK and Ireland, but they're hoping to get confirmation of a U.S release soon. I was all set to buy them, but I'll just have to wait.

Learn more at http://www.marvel-factfiles.com and check them out on Facebook, Tumblr, and Google Plus

What do you think of the Marvel Fact-Files? Do you like comic book trivia? Would you like to see this magazine where you live?

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  1. Alex J. CavanaughJuly 9, 2013 at 8:03 AM

    Wow! I wonder if there is a DC version?

  2. The only problem is by the time you get to issue 100 they'll have changed a whole bunch of stuff to render your collection moot.

  3. This looks like it would make a great collection!



  4. Nice! Looking at the cover of the #2, it appears it cost $6 US. So maybe they will distribute it pretty soon. I also look up Eaglemoss Collections it appears there is a DC Chess Collection that is available in the UK but not here. It just states Coming Soon!! when you click on the US Flag. That is somthing I would love to have.

  5. Actually, the good thing about the series is they can always add more pages.

  6. DC chess set! That does look cool. Hopefully those guys expand to the US soon.

  7. please note that this collection is wholly inaccurate when it comes to power levels / ratings: case(s) in point thus far: Absorbing Man + Asgardian Destroyer (incorrect strength / durability / energy projection) stats and Mr Fantastic (intelligence) + White Queen (energy projection)...real disappointing - this i have pointed out to Eaglemoss Publishing - according to them; this cannot be fixed and a refund was offered to me. The point is that this is the incorrect information-and that's only in the first 11 issues...and this collection goes until issue#100?

  8. That's disappointing Sean. I would never have noticed.

  9. Have you thought about getting a life?


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