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7 Minor Characters in Scifi Movies Whose Fates Are Never Explained

In many movies, there are characters great and small. Sometimes, movies wrap up all the loose ends, and sometimes they don't. You might not even notice, but there are a lot of scifi movies where characters just disappear. What happened to them? Here are seven characters whose fates are never explained in their movies.

WARNING: This post has spoilers for The Thing, Mystery Men, Jurassic Park, Iron Man 2, Stargate, The Mask, and Star Wars.

1. Nauls (The Thing)
Nauls (T.K. Carter)
In the climactic ending of classic horror movie, The Thing, one of the last survivors is the cook, Nauls. At one point, Nauls heads for the basement to place explosives to destroy the Arctic base. We see him react to a sound and walk towards it. That's the last we see of him.
What Really Happened: There are several answers to this, none of which are good for Nauls. From watching the movie, we later see the Blair-Thing attack from where Nauls had been going, so it's implied he was killed by it. This is confirmed in a deleted scene, where Nauls is attacked by the Thing disguised as a box.  The scene was apparently cut, because the jack-in-the-box like effect was more comical than scary. It also violated the rule up until this point that the Thing can only mimic living creatures. Apparently, in the novelization, Nauls gets chased and cornered by the Thing and commits suicide before he can be assimilated. So all things being equal, Nauls is dead.

2. Iron Kid (Iron Man 2)
I couldn't find a pic of the real kid...
During the climatic battle between Iron Man and Whiplash's drone army, there's a little boy wearing an Iron Man mask that gets targeted by a drone. Right before it kills him, Iron Man comes up behind the boy and blasts the drone. That was a great moment, but does raise the question of what happened to it. That one drone programmed to kill Iron Man was gone, but what about the dozens of others rampaging through the park? And what about when all the drones started blowing the park up?
What Really Happened: The kid escaped and lived happily ever after. Or was killed by a different drone or the exploding park. Whichever lets you sleep at night.

3. Dr. Annabel Leek (Mystery Men)
Casanova Frankenstein (Geoffrey Rush), Annabel Leek (Lena Olin)
In the beginning of this superhero satire, the criminal mastermind Casanova Frankenstein is declared sane by psychiatrist Dr. Annabel Leek and released from an asylum. Then at his mansion, Leek returns wearing an evil gown and following him as his henchwoman. The way she hangs off Frankenstein implies they're even lovers. But she disappears and never comes back.
What Really Happened: Apparently, there's some supplemental material on the DVD that show Leek had more scenes but they were cut out. Most likely, Frankenstein killed her the way he killed all his other henchmen.

4. The Embryos (Jurassic Park)
Barbasol Cryocan from "Jurassic Park"
This dinosaur theme park movie hinged on a refrigerated canister that computer expert Dennis Nedry filled with dinosaur embryos for a rival company. Getting the embryos was the reason for Nedry shutting off the security in the park, which leads to the dinosaurs' escape. Halfway through, he's killed and the canister of embryos falls in the mud. It's never seen again, which is odd for such an important plot device. The embryos don't even show up in the sequel The Lost World, which surprised everyone including Steven Spielberg. So where did it go?
What Really Happened: Since it was stated that the shaving cream can had a shelf life of only a few hours, the embryos most likely died and the can is still there, buried in mud. Apparently, we're not the only ones who wondered, because Jurassic Park: The Game features the characters going after the can.

5. Peggy Brandt (The Mask)
Peggy Brandt (Amy Yasbeck)
In The Mask, reporter Peggy Brandt seems to be a love interest for Stanley Ipkiss until she coaxes him to the printing room of her newspaper. There, she betrays him to the evil gangster Tyrell. Tyrell steals the mask, but we never see what happened to Peggy.
What Really Happened: This was actually explained in a deleted scene, and when you know the truth, you'll understand why it was cut. Tyrell threw Peggy into the grinding jaws of one of the newspaper's printing presses. In what was supposed to be a hilarious joke, we see a new edition printed from the machine...in blood with Peggy's horrified face on the front page.

6. The Child Army (Stargate)
Kids in the background
In the first encounter with the alien Ra in Stargate, Ra is surrounded by enslaved children. When Jackson attempts to attack Ra, the children even move to stop him. They seemed fiercely loyal. So where did they all go? Especially since Ra's spaceship was destroyed by a nuclear bomb? That's just desserts for Ra, but what about all those kids Ra had protecting him?
What Really Happened: To help us sleep at night, let's imagine that Ra's power over the children was broken. The children escaped the ship before it exploded. Or they all died. Again, whatever helps you sleep at night.

7. Jar Jar Binks (Star Wars)
Jar Jar Binks (Ahmed Best)
 The much maligned character Jar Jar Binks has a major role in The Phantom Menace, but his appearance in Attack of the Clones is much shorter, limited to his role as allowing Senator Palpatine to become Chancellor. He only briefly appears in Revenge of the Sith, and vanishes from the Star Wars mythos.
What Really Happened: In a deleted scene in Revenge of the Sith, Jar Jar Binks passes Emperor Palpatine in a hallway, who thanks him for putting him into power. What's not shown is that, after realizing that he was single-handedly responsible for bringing the greatest evil in the Galaxy into power, Jar Jar Binks ran off and hung himself. Just kidding. During a new edit of the final montage in Return of the Jedi, we hear Jar Jar's voice celebrating on Coruscant. So we know he survived at least until the end of the original trilogy.

Does this satisfy your curiosity about these characters? What other characters have you wondered the fate of in scifi movies?

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    1. Alex J. CavanaughMarch 2, 2013 at 5:58 PM

      If bad press can't kill Jar Jar, nothing can.
      Sadly, I think the kids likely died with Ra on his spaceship. Which is why I liked the series so much better.
      Good question about the can in Jurassic Park. That was like a red herring, implying something more was to come.

    2. I don't think I could sleep at night thinking Jar-Jar survived. And why would he be on Coruscant? The Senate was dissolved, so shouldn't he have gone to Naboo? Or maybe they didn't want him back.

      I always wondered about the embryos. It seemed that would have been a basis for a sequel. But I guess it would be hard for them to survive long in a shaving cream can.

    3. the cat from alien... the ice cream vendor guys from killer klowns... any of the john's from buckaroo banzai.

    4. I quite like that the embryo can plays no further part in Jurassic Park. Agreed it's a scene that looks like it's setting up the sequel, but it's a film about nature triumphing over technology and the fragility of the best laid plans of men.

    5. Lena Olin forever! If Leek was anything like Irina Derevko, she would have been extremely hard to kill. And make Sydney Bristow cry at least a dozen times.

    6. Jar Jar Binks stays on Coruscant, quits politics then produces and stars in a kids holo-show called, "Jar-Jar's Sithtime Playhouse".


    Thanks for commenting!.