Revolution has a huge premiere, but will the numbers hold up? Can Doctor Who fans say goodbye to the Pond's? What's the greatest television reboot of them all? How does Nathan Fillian want Firefly to come back on TV?

Above Image: Battlestar Galactica's Katee Sackhoff made honorary member of Star Wars 501st Legion
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Revolution Opens Big, But Will It Last?
Blastr reports that NBC's Revolutions had a huge premiere of 11 million viewers. My brother already wrote a great review that covers most of what I feel about the show. The show might last, but I doubt it. The only way the show will succeed is if they manage to draw us into the main character Charlotte "Charlie" Matheson (Tracy Spiridakos). After the second episode I don't see it. She doesn't have that mix of spunk, sass and heart that made The Hunger Games Katniss so popular. On the other hand, I like the head of the militia Captain Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) more every time I see him. Is it wrong to root for a homicidal murderer because you like his smile?
Oddmakers(0%-100%): What are the odds Revolution will last six episodes?
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Doctor Who Says Goodbye To Pond's
Tomorrow's episode of Doctor Who, "Angels in Manhattan," shows the final fate of Amy Pond and Rory Williams, known collectively to fans as the Ponds. While this hasn't been a great season it's done a great job of reminding us why fans love these companions. There have been some great moments. Whovians are always hard on new companions so x it's going to have her work cut out for her.
Tossup (Choose one): If you could only to keep one of the Pond's would it be: Rory or Amy?

Star Trek: The Next Generation The Greatest Reboot?
Some people complain that the new Star Trek movie is rebooting the series. Time magazine makes a great point that Star Trek: The Next Generation was the greatest reboot of a series ever. Not only did it use an entirely new cast, but also a new take on the original. It spawned a bunch of spin-offs, popular movies and a new generation of Star Trek fans. I guess reboots aren't so bad after all.
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Firefly: The Animated Series
Nathan Fillian said he'd like to see an animated series based on Firefly. Nothing less than brilliant. Low cost, high return and they can get the original actors to do the voices without interrupting their schedules. They made a movie happen. So why not a cartoon?
Oddsmaker (0% - 100%): What are the odds fans would watch a Firefly animated series?
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Odds and Ends
What do you think of this week's news? Anything we missed?

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M Pax said...

I'm really looking forward to the new Star Trek.

Anything Firefly would be welcome.

I'm unsure about Revolution, but can say Charlie already irks me. Will give it a few more watches to see if they find 'legs' somewhere.

Maurice Mitchell said...

M Pax, as much as I'm disappointed by the show I'm still watching. Sothey must be doing something right. Just not sure if it'll last.

Maurice Mitchell said...

I didn't know that Spacerguy. The first successful syndicated tv show.

spacerguy said...

Star Trek TNG was contracted to continue for eight seasons, despite its success and popularity, the spinoffs were far cheaper to produce and it made lots of cash.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Rebooting TNG would be amazing. Especially since there's a new timeline. I never thought of that Jeremy. You always think outside the box. It must be the artistic mind.

Subject: [geektwins] Re: Geek Bits: Firefly Animated Series, Goodbye Dr Who, Greatest Trek Reboot and More [Links] ~ The Geek Twins

jeremy [retro-zombie] said...

next gen... could be rebooted for television... you might not be able to get a greater cast than they had... though some of the actors might be willing to come back if they want off the convention circuit.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Sure Tony. I imagine kind of "Men in Black" stylist look to it. Maybe the team that made "Ani-Matrix"?

Subject: [geektwins] Re: Geek Bits: Firefly Animated Series, Goodbye Dr Who, Greatest Trek Reboot and More [Links] ~ The Geek Twins

Maurice Mitchell said...

Yeah, Pat I can see that. Networks struggle with these types of shows although advertisers love them. The fanboy audience force is strong with demographics.

Subject: [geektwins] Re: Geek Bits: Firefly Animated Series, Goodbye Dr Who, Greatest Trek Reboot and More [Links] ~ The Geek Twins

Pat Dilloway said...

I'm sure that Revolution show will last at least six episodes. Past one season, I'm not so sure. Except for "Lost" it seems most of these kind of dramas do better on cable where perhaps ratings expectations are lower. But then again NBC is in the toilet programming wise so they might renew just for lack of anything else. I think the Firefly animated thing would probably work for the benefits you describe. And again you could put it on cable like the Cartoon Network or Syfy or something where ratings expectations wouldn't be as high as on Fox.

Maurice Mitchell said...

TS, Revolution is a let down. I wasn't expecting much, but it doesn't really deliver anything. Bringing electricity back in the first episode could be a mistake. I can see Rory staying. Amy is kind of "The Manic Pixie Dream Girl" and those can get old fast. Love her spunk though.

Subject: [geektwins] Re: Geek Bits: Firefly Animated Series, Goodbye Dr Who, Greatest Trek Reboot and More [Links] ~ The Geek Twins

TS Hendrik said...

I thought Revolution was a let down. I was expecting so much more. It was just too empty story wise, and the lead actress had some really bad acting moments in the first episode. I don't think it'll last.

I would keep Rory. I've always said he was the best thing about Amy, who I've never been overly fond of. I'm looking forward to new companions.

Lisa John said...

This is not fair but superb animated series. love the execution http://www.samplelettertemplates.com/farewell-letters/office-farewell-letter.html/


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