Star Wars action figures have been around since 1978 and some are worth over $6000. But most of the collectors just stick them in a display box. David Eger found a far better use  for them by recreating famous photos and movie posters.

He's famous for his 365 Days of Clones, especially my Cloned Photos mini-series, and his attention to detail is striking.These posters are from his series "52 Weeks of Star Wars."

From gangsters to prostitutes, these are my favorite movie posters recreated using Star Wars toys...I mean "action figures."

11 a takeoff of 300
The Imperialist Network a take-off of The Social Network
Smuggler 2 a takeoff of Terminator 2
Back to the Cantina II a takeoff of Back to the Future II
Goodhunters a takeoff of Goodfellas
The Godfather
Our only Hope a takeoff of Forrest Gump
Princess Leia a takeoff of Pretty Woman
Rebel Alliance a takeoff of Reservoir Dogs
Darth Vader a takeoff of Scarface

Aren't they awesome?

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Which is your favorite movie poster? is there one he should do?
[Image Source: 365daysofclones.com]
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Pat Dilloway said...

Some of those are pretty good. I think they could do some classic ones like "The Wizard of Oz" or "Casablanca" pretty easily.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Smuggler 2 is great!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Wizard of Oz would be sweet Pat. Who could he use as the cowardly lion?

Maurice Mitchell said...

Alex, that one is the most complicated of them I think.

Pat Dilloway said...

Chewbacca would make the most sense since he's the hairiest. Leia would obviously be Dorothy. C-3PO would make sense as the Tin Man. The question then would be whether to use Luke or Han as the Scarecrow. Yoda for the wizard, Obi-Wan for the good witch, the Emperor as the Wicked Witch, and Vader as the flying monkey. Those aren't perfect fits really.

jeremy [retro-zombie] said...

good times... i laughed and now i have an excuses to play with my toys again

Liesel Hill said...

Those are WAY awesome! Laughed for five minutes! It would be fun to see him do the really popular mainstream ones like Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, or Titanic! :D

Maurice Mitchell said...

Recreate famous rock concerts Jeremy!

Maurice Mitchell said...

Leisel, who knows. He's still got a bunch of weeks to go!

The Golden Eagle said...

Those are cool posters!

Maurice Mitchell said...

They are Golden Eagle! You should check out the rest of his work.

Tom Badguy said...

Goodhunters is my fav. Cool stuff.

Maurice Mitchell said...

Tom, that one has a lot of attitude.

spacerguy said...

Hehe, this is so cool. I must admit this artwork is impressive. Looking at these posters is making my trekkie trigger fingers itchy but I will good and resist.

rc boot said...

Oh awesome, I like to see these kind of star war toys, thanks for post dude. The Princess Leia a takeoff of Pretty Woman is one I liked the most.


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