Star Wars' Darth Vader has become synonymous in our culture for darkness and evil. So much so that calling something or someone Darth Vader is a common insult. This applies to buildings, too. There actually are quite a few buildings around the USA nicknamed "the Darth Vader building" by local residents. Here are the top seven.

7. Real Name: Manhattan Family Courthouse
Location: 60 Lafayette Street New York, NY 10013
Reason: The black cube reminded people of the Death Star.
Trivia: Renovated in 2002 to remove the more forbidding elements

6. Real Name: Pacific Guardian Tower
Location: 1440 Kapiolani Boulevard Honolulu, HI 96814
Reason: Its gothic structure gives the tower a menacing feeling, just like Darth Vader
Trivia: Also nicknamed "the Batcave," the tower was voted the ugliest building in Honolulu by readers of the Honolulu Star-Bulletin

5. Real name: 7101 Tower
Location:  7101 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210
Reason: An ebony exterior on all sides reminded people of Vader's sinister uniform

4. Real Name: Renaissance Tower
Location: 801 K Street, Sacramento CA 95814
Reason: The black exterior and glass, along with the hulking appearance, remind people of Darth Vader

3. Real name: One Exeter Plaza
Location: One Exeter Plaza, Boston
Reason: Residents complained about the height of the building blocking the view of the area. Also it has a dark mansard roof.

2. Real name: Sedgwick James Building
Location: Fourth and Blanchard, Seattle, Wa
Reason: The building is tall and black, giving it a menacing appearance. Also, the squared-off shape reminds people of Vader's helmet
Trivia: Tallest skyscraper in Washington

1. Real Name: Northbridge Centre
Location:  Northbridge Centre, West Palm Beach, FL
Reason: The building is covered in black glass and black metal. Also, the north side looks like Vader's helmet.
Trivia: The company mocked the building's reputation by making a video of Darth Vader going to work at the Northbridge Centre

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Which one do you think is the real Darth Vader building?
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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

First one fits the bill, but so does the Renaissance Tower.

Tony Laplume, Scouring Monk said...

I had no idea so many buildings were so Vaderesque! Time to adopt an easy new career: Tony Laplume, Sith Architect.

Dawn Hamsher said...

Cute...I mean "wicked" video. I think the first photo is the best Darth Vader building. The only thing wrong with it is it's not round.

M Pax said...

The Manhattan Family Court House looks most like Darth Vader to me.

Heather said...

That is pure awesome.

Ciara Knight said...

I LOVE the video. :) I never knew any buildings were called Darth Vader. This is awesome.

monkeymigraine said...

It was a surprise to me, too

Thom Reznor said...

I really love the video as well, thank you very much for sharing them.
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