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10 Freakiest Green Lantern Corps Members

With the upcoming Green Lantern movie, the world at large will discover the Green Lantern Corps. An interplanetary police force that spans the entire Galaxy, the Corps draws from every race and creed, and that's taken literally. In a way, the more bizarre the alien Green Lantern, the more inclusive the Corps seems. That concept of the Green Lantern Corps has allowed artists and writers to get really creative. Over the years, they've come up with some truly unique lifeforms to wear the ring. Some of them are beautiful and cool, like Tomar-Re and Salaak. Others are downright freaky. Here's our picks for the freakiest members of the Green Lantern Corps.

10. Galius Zed - Galius Zed holds a special place in the hearts of all Green Lantern fans, because he's so weird looking. He's nothing but a gigantic head with arms and legs.Kind of like if Pac-Man were recruited by the Green Lantern Corps. As if that weren't enough, he's got a third arm coming out of his back. Awesome.

9. Charqwep - For my money, Charqwep is certainly the weirdest-looking Green Lantern. Those bubbles on the top of his head are multiple brains called "pods." During a battle, one of Charqwep's pods was damaged, and he now has problems making objects. Yeah, that's pretty weird. Now let's get to the truly bizarre Corps members.

8. Olapet - Olapet is a plant-based Green Lantern who carries around a seed that is both her daughter and her replacement. If she is ever killed or dies, her ring and consciousness transfers to the seed. This has happened multiple times, making her basically immortal as long as the new seed stays intact.

7. Chaselon - Chaselon is the opposite of most of these - quite beautiful if you look at it right. Chaselon is a crystalline being with no real form besides a gigantic diamond. What makes Chaselon freaky is that in order to fit in, Chaselon wears robotic tentacles, and a toupee. He's the only Green Lantern with a subscription to Hair Club for Men.

6. Flodo Span - Flodo is a normally gaseous and formless cloud contained within a force bubble when it "wears" the ring. A strong and valiant member of the Corps, Flodo is also pretty hard to wrap your head around. Like what would Flodo smells like? I'm guessing strawberries.

5. Rot Lop Fan - Okay, so Rot Lop Fan could get on this list just by the fact that he looks like a cross between a great white shark, a turtle, and a gorilla. But what makes him really freaky is that he's from a dark region of space that has no concept of the color green or even light. When Rot was recruited, they couldn't even call it "the Green Lantern Corps," because Fan had no concept of the color "green" or a light-generating device like a lantern. They had to tell him it was based on sound, so he thinks of it as "the F-sharp Bell" Corps.

4. Mogo - Mogo is the biggest Green Lantern we know. Literally. That's because Mogo is actually a planet. An entire planet. Technically, Mogo is a shared consciousness that exists between everything on a planet, collectively referred to as Mogo. Instead of a costume, Mogo arranges his foliage to show the Green Lantern symbol from space.

3. Leezle Pon - Leezle Pon is the opposite of Mogo, so small that he's microscopic. Leezle is literally a super-intelligent smallpox virus, and so infectious that he can't attend Corps meetings. As far as we know, Leezle only saw combat during the Blackest Night event, fighting an evil Sinestro Corps virus. That means technically, the Green Lantern Corps engages in biological warfare. Now they just need to find a super-intelligent waterboard to enroll in the Corps.

2. Dkrtzy RRR - This Green Lantern is the most abstract of all. Dkrtzy is nothing but an abstract mathematical equation. Much like how only Big Bird could see Snuffalupagus, Dkrtzy RRR can only be perceived by the Guardians. Even higher math fights alongside the Green Lanterns.

1. Driq- And now we come to Driq. What makes Driq so freaky is that he's technically a corpse. For some unexplained reason, whenever Driq is killed in battle, his power ring reassembles him. Obviously, over time, he hasn't held up too well. In fact, he can now only communicate in unintelligible noises like "fnorkhh." He's known among fans as the Zombie Green Lantern. To me, that makes him the freakiest of them all. How'd you like to see Driq shambling up to you?

Are these the freakiest Green Lanterns? Can you think of freakier ones? Let us know in the comments.

[Image Source: DC Comic Artists, Green Lantern Wiki]

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  1. No, you've definitely named the freakiest of them here.  Driq is definitely my fave. 


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