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Morena Baccarin is the Perfect Alien in "V"

I'm glad that Morena Baccarin has gotten more publicity as the sinister alien Anna in the V series remake. She's a very good actress and stunningly beautiful, although I miss the long, curly tresses she had as the intergalactic hooker in Firefly. The great thing about her is that she has an eerie beauty that makes her a perfect alien. It's easy to imagine that aliens would deliberately take on an appearance with an ambiguous ethnicity to appeal to the most people (for the record, she's Brazilian). Plus, she's got some acting chops behind her with a calm but sinister demeanor. You can see why humanity would fall for the Visitors when she's their spokesperson, but there's a quiet evil behind the surface. Great stuff.


  1. She is fantastic. What I love about her character is her smile, which never goes beyond her lips and seems so sincere it looks fake.

    Brazilian eh? Hmmmm

  2. It's a really great performance, and she is really is doing a lot of subtle stuff in it. She makes it look easy.


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