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6 Awesome Ways Comic Books Can Help You Learn a New Language

Every person who starts mastering a new language outside of school knows that it's hard to find a book that is interesting and comprehends to his or her level of competence.

Comic book magazines are a real help for people who are working to maintain their proficiency. This literature has many advantages over other types of books. They're filled with speech bubbles and images and the pieces are easier to learn. This includes the separate words and the storyline.

1. Comic Books Are Visual

The main reason comic magazines are a perfect way to train language skills is their appearance.
Without a doubt, the graphical elements are dynamic, fun, and eye-catching. There is nothing else that can teach and be so visually engaging at the same time.

The storylines are known to be dynamic. They attract the readers' attention from the very first page.

2. Comic Books Are Short

Since comics are not too long, they are fast to finish. This is a good reason for language learners to go to the library and select a few stories for their learning purposes.

Comic books combine speech bubbles with the images so the reader can find the connections
between the actions, vocables, and drawings.

3. Comic Books Use Slang

Students usually learn the formal language in classes. But comic books are full of colloquial phrases used in an everyday speech. These are idioms, metaphors, and slang vocabulary used by native speakers.

This helps language learners join in casual conversation much more easily.

4. Comic Books Teach Culture

Comic books also help readers to increase their cultural awareness. The comics may involve various
historical facts, describe significant events, and consider different societal concerns. Books are one of
the most accessible means of getting to know the culture and customs without the need to live among
the natives.

All people can start reading comics written in a foreign language even if they don't know the meaning of all lexical units. And the dialogue balloons serve as a good delivery tool! They help to avoid unnecessary vocabulary and provide the meaning rapidly.

Recent studies showed that this genre of literature is a positive reinforcement in training language skills. Therefore, an increasing number of educators start employing comics as a teaching tool.

5. Comic Books Are Fun

When reading comic books, readers can use pictures to understand the meaning of separate words.

Therefore, they don't have to look into a dictionary every time they meet a new lexical unit.
It is very entertaining. Those who enjoy perusing comic magazines written in a foreign language can
easily mix business with pleasure. Readers do not get bored of their learning activity as they found
stories to be very exciting.

There is something addictive about comics. Like with many TV shows, reading comic magazines can
become someone's addiction. Recipients are always excited about getting acquainted with another episode. This makes learning a regular activity.

Eventually, there are pieces to fit different preferences. Both kids and adults can find something that
will fit their taste. There is nothing difficult about picking up a book that will fit your liking and
proficiency level alike.

6. Comic Books Can Teach New Words

Like other types of reading, comic books are a good source for unknown words. Take your time to note all vocables and their meanings. If your proficiency level doesn't allow you to deal with pieces written in an advanced language, then select basic children's comics for a start.

There is a huge variety of children's stories. Choose one of them, then turn to more advanced books as soon as you feel that your skills have been powered up. Comic books offer more content for adults, so once you can deal with children's literature go for adults' pieces for more significant challenges.

How to Add Comics to Your Process of Learning?

Since the variety of books is almost endless, it will be easy for you to find what appeals to you better.
Pay attention to the heroes and storylines that can get you interested. Spend some of your leisure time
mastering your skills with comic magazines. It doesn't mean that you have to devote all of the time, you can just allocate a few hours per week so that you can see the benefits you get when doing this. If you often seek someone's help with English homework, then think about turning to comics. This will improve your literacy as well.

To conclude, mastering languages by the means of comic books greatly differs from the traditional
methods employed by many educators. In some way, people may lack the formality and versatility of
school classes. Nevertheless, if you are one of those who tends to avoid monotony created by a school environment, comic magazines can become a good alternative for you. If you are fond of reading, or if you are in search of colloquial language, or if it is easier for you to acquire the information given in a visual manner, then you definitely should start enhancing your skills by turning to comics!

Would you use a comic book to learn a new language?

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