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Geek Bits: Chadwick Boseman as Rapper T'Challa, Why Will Smith Left "ID:4" 2 and More [Links]

Chadwick Boseman as rapper T'Challa by Darian Robbins

  1. The Flash: Kevin Smith Teases ‘Insanely Strong’ Season 2 Finale (via Screen Rant)
    Kevin Smith couldn't get any cooler if he tried
  2. First Look: DC's SUPERWOMAN And DEATHSTROKE August Solicits (via Newsarama)
    I'm really excited for the Superwoman series from Phil Jimenez
  3. Independence Day 2 Director Discusses Will Smith’s Absence (via Screen Rant)
    He dropped out because he wanted to make an After Earth trilogy?!
  4. Black Panther Is The Best Selling Comic In April 2016 As Marvel Marches On Marketshare Ahead Of DC Rebirth (via Bleeding Cool)
    As it should be. It's awesome
  5. Budget cuts to crossovers: 5 things Supergirl's move to the CW could mean (via Blastr)
    The budget of Supergirl wasn't that great to begin with...
  6. Captain America: Civil War Nearing $800 Million (via Superhero Hype)
    Cream rises to the top
  7. Producer Simon Kinberg Still Threatening to Make a ‘Fantastic Four’ Sequel (via /Film)
    Please...just stop
  8. Why Is CHLOE GRACE MORETZ Wearing CAPTAIN MARVEL’s Uniform on the Cover of GLAMOUR? (via Newsarama)
    I endorse this
  9. ABC Made a Mistake and Cancelled Marvel’s AGENT CARTER (via Geek Tyrant)
    Haley Atwell had already left to work on another show so...
  10. Lupita Nyong’o May Be Joining Black Panther as T’Challa’s Love Interest (via The Mary Sue)
    Couldn't be happier, but it'll be rough when he dumps her to marry Storm
  11. Chadwick Boseman as a Rapping Black Panther (via Twitter

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