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STAR WARS Meets JURASSIC PARK in "Jurassic Wars"

Jurassic World is coming out in the US on June 12, and everyone's really excited about it. After all, what could be better than dinosaurs? Halloween Costumes.com has the answer: dinosaurs in Star Wars. Cody Peterson drew this awesome series of images combining Star Wars and Jurassic Park, even the new Indominus Rex.

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What do you think of Jurassic Wars?

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  1. I wonder if the Tristormatops can hit anything with his horns?

  2. Ha! I think I laughed out loud... where is Jar Jarassic Binkosaurus

  3. I'll be tripping out on Jurassic World this weekend, so not missing out on that party.

  4. Dear sir,

    I resent that.

    Natalie Portman


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