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This is What the Joker REALLY Looks Like in SUICIDE SQUAD

The Internet went crazy when the studio released the first official photo of Jared Leto as the Joker in Suicide Squad.

The tattoos were especially mocked and derided. Well, it turns out the Joker won't be running around the whole movie with his shirt off and his mouth open. Some unauthorized video taken on the movie set revealed what the Joker will really look like. And I have to say, it looks much better. The videos were taken off YouTube by the copyright fascists, but here are some screenshots and other photos from the set. If you're wondering, here's a description of what happened in the clip, courtesy of the Huffington Post:
In the clips, the Joker exits what appears to be his purple Lamborghini and begins arguing with Harley in what IGN presumes is a flashback scene from when Harley was still Harleen Quinzel. In one clip, a bystander comes up to intervene when Harley shoots him, but then the Joker steals her gun, knocks her out [with a vicious backhand - NM] and gets back in his car. Leto's mannerisms are very Joker-ish in the clips, with lots of hand fluttering and head jerking.

What do you think of this view of the Joker?

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  1. Hmm, I did not know they were making a new movie with The Joker. The dud seems nicely suited for the role, but I'd have to see the previews to know if he's any good at it. Or if the movie would be worth it.

    Inappropriate tattoos? My favorite.

  2. I think the neon green hair is a bit much but then I loved Heath Ledger's Joker after initially being skeptical, so who knows.

  3. Seems he'd fit in with the Adam West version of Batman.

  4. He looks inspired by Frank Miller's version.

  5. I keep thinking that as well. You never know until you see it in context

  6. I think the Joker is going to be more of a cameo

  7. i am keeping my mind open to this film until the trailer is released... fingers crossed.

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