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How YOU Can Help #SaveStorm From Cancellation

Photo: Victor Ibanez/Marvel Comics
Without question, X-Men's Storm is the most popular black female superhero, and she needs your help. Her recently launched solo comic series is in serious danger of being cancelled, so we all need to join the campaign to save it.
First of all, if you were surprised to learn that Storm even has a solo comic series right now, you wouldn't be alone. The publicity for her comic is not good, and the sales are even worse. It was Brett White at CBR who first sounded the alarm that Storm is in trouble by pointing out Marvel recently cancelled Elektra and She-Hulk's solo comics. She-Hulk #9 only sold 21,418 copies and Elektra #7 sold 15,021. Why are those numbers important? Because Storm #4 only sold 19,862 copies, which put the sales right between those titles. Storm is basically standing in front of a firing squad, and she's the last one up against the wall.

It's hard to believe Storm is doing so badly. She's one of the most popular female superheroes. Thanks to her appearances in the X-Men movie series, she's one of the few black superheroes to cross over into mainstream success. Part of the problem may simply be that many people who would read her comic don't know it's out there. Part of the problem may be a latent resistance to buying a "black" or "girly" comic. No matter what, Storm shouldn't be allowed to go without a fight. We, the Geek Twins, are always fighting for minorities and women in comics, so this is a special cause for us.

Social media started the campaign with the hashtag #savestorm. It's been picked up by other comic and geek blogs, and we're jumping on the bandwagon. Here's what you can do.

  • If you have the Comixology app, you can download and read the first issue of Storm for free until 12/1 if you use the code "stormchasers."
  • You can read an exclusive interview with Greg Pak, writer of the current Storm series at Vixen Varsity.
  • Black Girl Nerds provided a list of four ways you can read and promote the Storm comic series. They're even hosting a giveaway of Storm comics so you can read it yourself.
  • Check out #savestorm on Tumblr to see the ways other fans are helping to spread the word and promote the comic.
  • Send out a tweet or blog post or Tumblr with #savestorm to show your support.
  • But the best thing you can do is go to your favorite comic app or comic store and buy a copy of Storm.

Will you help save Storm?

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  1. I don't read comics often, so I really didn't know she had her own. That's probably the biggest problem - getting the word out. Will retweet this and go download the first issue.

  2. What this feature is missing is a direct reflection on the quality of the comic itself, why I should care about it other than its relative importance. If this were Ms. Marvel I could come up with plenty of reasons, but as far as I can tell, Storm is no Ms. Marvel.

  3. Yeah and thank God She's no Ms Marvel, I mean how boring can you get? Ms marvel is basically He Man or Superman with a vagina. Who cares. Storm's powers are off the charts badass, she took out half of the fleet of future sentinels in X men days of future past single handedly while colossus and warpath stood there helpless. She can strip your lungs of oxygen in a second and create toxic fog to kill her enemies not to mention hurricane and gale force winds, flash freezing and lightning. Her visuals alone are more interesting than ms marvel could ever hope to be. Storm has acquired world wide fame even on the silver screen in an epic ongoing film franchise nd that's probably why she continues to be included in movies...unlike ms marvel.
    Whether the comics sells enough doesn't effect that fact that Hollywood just can't let go of a character that powerful and awesome.


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