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The Most Popular Robots and Cyborgs [Infographic]

This is what artist Science Bob had to say about this poster showing some of the most popular robots and cyborgs: "There’s something about robots that people connect to. I knew as soon as I left the theater after watching Star Wars that I would someday have my own R2-D2, (which I now do!) So I decided to ask the followers of my Facebook Page to tell me their favorite robot, and I got a huge response. Below are some of the favorites, and the approximate time that they made their first appearance. I included cyborgs (robotically modified humans) as well as some real robots that were mentioned." Click below to enlarge:

[Via Science Bob via GeekTyrant]

IWhich robot is your favorite? Do you have a favorite that's not here?

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  1. I think Optimus Prime would be my favorite. Then probably Robocop. Then R2D2 and Data from ST TNG.

  2. Data of course! Although V.I.N.cent still has a special place in my memory - dug The Black Hole when I was younger. Also like the Iron Giant. Funny they included Bubo.

  3. Marvin! I love the poor depressed little dude...

  4. I recognized more of them than I thought I would.

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