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Support Female Sci-Fi Film THE HADES PIT

The Hades Pit (2014) Kickstarter concept art

When was the last good sci-fi film you saw that starred a female lead? Tony Sebastian Ukpo from Rennes, France contacted us about an ambitious Kickstarter campaign to create an independent film with a "good female led sci-fi film of the same kind of calibre of Alien." The film will be shot in the U.S. and promises to be a cool action film inspired by video games like Nintendo's Metroid. He's done a number of major film projects like The Outsider: A Looper's Story (2012), Random 11 (2011) and Paris 60 (2012).

Here's the official description and promotional "sizzle reel":

The story starts with a young woman and her dog on their way to the countryside with her father, on a regular annual father/daughter retreat where he works as a Park Ranger. On this trip however, something is not right, signaled by the smoke coming from behind the abandoned factory on the way to their home. They pay no heed to it, and things slowly start to get stranger and stranger in a suspenseful build up to the fathers abduction from their home in broad daylight by large masked figures.

With all the communication posts down, and the nearby service station now manned by a fresh corpse, the daughter emerging from where she was hidden away by her father during the carnage, eventually takes matters into her own hands, heading with her dog towards the one place they must have taken him.

She finds an underground facility filled with weird sinister scientists, experimental creatures and an unlikely ally in one of the test subjects, and is forced to put a lot of her gaming instincts (She's a gamer) to use in a real world situation. With any luck, the little sizzle trailer below will go some way towards communicating that story, as well as giving you a good idea of the feel and look we are going for. 

The Hades Pit, An independent feature film: Sizzle Reel from Tony Stark on Vimeo.

Here's some concept art for the project:

Several celebrities have agreed to be attached to the project if it goes live like Bruce Campbell, Samuel L Jackson and Sigourney Weaver. Head over "The Hades Pit" Kickstarter page to learn more!

Hat tip to Rod Faulkner of the 7thmatrix.

Do you think we need more female-led science fiction films? Would you support a project like this? If you could adapt a video game property which would it be?
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  1. Creatures are very creepy. It would start with a great cast, that's for sure.

  2. it's great that more people are trying to raise money for films that look cool... show holly-weird that films can be made and made right.

  3. Sounds like it will be a great flick!

  4. This looks like an awesome project! Definitely something I'd go see!

  5. Yes, I think more female leads in scifi would be great! However, I think there should be some guy-led films too . . . it would be nice to have a good mix of both. The project looks and sounds interesting.

  6. This project sounds terrific, and Lord knows we more quality genre films with women in the lead. I hope we fans can rally and make this project - and others like it - happen!

  7. Totally. I'm all in for the most part when it comes to sci-fi movies, but I would like to see more women in the lead roles. I've been willingly programmed to be happy with all the movies that star and prodominantly feature male casts, but now I'm ready to see more women fighting battles, making discoveries, finding the answers, and saving the day.


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