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The Truth About Star Lord's Awesome Mix Tape

One thing we loved about Guardians of the Galaxy is the legendary Awesome Mix audiotapes. They were a reminder of the wonder and glory of the Sony Walkman. Long before the iPod, we all grooved to our audio cassette players. Of course, audio tapes weren't as flawless and durable as mp3s. This short by Brotherhood Workshop imagines a different presentation of the Awesome Mix 2 tape.

What did you think of the video? Are mp3s better than audio tape?

[Via slashfilm]

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  1. That thought did occur to me - that was one hardy tape. Considering its age, I'm stunned the player hadn't eaten it already.
    Lego Guardians - that is just a little freaky...

  2. Mixtapes were awesome. An iPod playlist just isn't the same because you don't have the limits that force you to be creative.


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