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15 Inaccuracies Found In Common Science Illustrations

It's hard to imagine microscopic concepts like atoms or distant objects like the solar system without visuals, but some of the visuals used over the years have been wrong. A lot of what most people believe about science came from school textbooks or simplistic illustrations like maps of the solar system, which are wrong. Mental Floss has been kind enough to bring us this video reviewing fifteen science illustrations you've probably seen that are wrong.

What surprised you the most? Which of them did you already know?

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  1. They lied to me about tidal pull! I'm all right with that.
    Even if the asteroids are farther apart, that isn't nearly as exciting as imagining trying to dodge them in a spaceship.
    Won't even comment about the evolution thing...

  2. Sorry, I was distracted by all the cool stuff on the shelf behind him. TARDIS!
    I have never had a brain freeze. My Father in Law likes to point out that you must first have a brain to freeze...

  3. Very nice that you included sunflowers for Tina in your post!
    Thank you,

  4. Indeed, Tina touch many lives. It's impressive when you think about it.

    Good post.

  5. I miss her every time I go to my email and expect a response from her to the last email conversation we were having. Interesting cut scene. I can see why they chose to cut it, but it removed an important part of the episode.

  6. She will be missed Shannon.

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