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10 Funniest 'Grandma Finds the Internet' Memes

One thing I love about the modern Internet is the recent popularity of image memes, where someone takes a picture and gives it a funny caption, and other people add their own variations on that funny caption. My current favorite is called "Grandma Finds the Internet," jokes about an elderly and clueless grandmother's interactions with the Web. Okay, it's an unfair stereotype that old people can't use the Internet, but it's still funny. And having worked in tech support, I can tell you ignorance can be found at any age. Here are my ten favorites.

What do you think of Grandma vs. the Internet?

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  1. That last one is sad and happens too often. Third to the last is the funniest!

  2. I always want to play the target games in the advertisements!
    My wife has a Great-Grandmother that turned 100 last month, she uses the internet to send us links to medical advice. It isn't realy spam if she cares.

  3. My mom would use the Internet but first she'd need to figure out how to turn the computer on.

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