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6 Awesome Spider-Man Characters Who Need Their Own Movie

Summary: Six characters from Spider-Man's history would make better movies than Venom and the Sinister Six.

Right now, every movie studio's goal is to create a shared universe like Marvel has with the Avengers. Sony has announced plans to create their own cinematic universe with their property, Spider-Man. So far, they've announced The Sinister Six and Venom are in development. Personally, I don't think making standalone movies out of the villains is the right way to go. There are plenty of characters associated with Spider-Man who would make better movies. Here are six suggestions.

6. Black Cat (Felicia Hardy)

One of Peter Parker's most legendary lovers in the comics is Felicia Hardy, who becomes a super-thief, Black Cat. Black Cat is a classic anti-hero, a villain turned good by Parker's love. Hardy has already been seen in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, so this spin-off is already set up. She would be a fascinating character to see on the screen, hopefully better than the Catwoman movie.

5. The Scarlet Spider (Ben Reilly)

One of the most infamous storylines in the comics is known as the Clone Saga. When a mysterious new hero calling himself the Scarlet Spider shows up, Spiderman discovers he's none other than a clone named Ben Reilly. For a while, they believed Reilly was the original Parker, and Parker was the clone, but that got complicated. This would be a powerful movie, and Scarlet Spider could go on to become a new hero on his own. The biggest problem, though, is that he would really just be a second Spider-Man, which would muddy the waters. But he's a start.

4. Silver Sable

Another of Spider-Man's ex-partners, Silver Sable is a master of weapons and martial arts who runs a team of mercenaries called the Wild Pack. Her movie series could be a departure with more of an Avengers-meets-James Bond kind of feel. I imagine something like Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Sable battling international criminals with superpowered sidekicks, guns blazing.

3. Spider-Ham (Peter Porker)

In the eighties, Marvel created Spider-Ham, a funny animal version of Web-head filled with animal puns and parodies of various Marvel comics. Though the series was short-lived, there are still fans of this series (including me). I think it would be a great kid-friendly movie series.

2. Spider-Girl (May Parker)

Girls still don't have their superhero movie. Sony could fix this by bringing Spider-Girl to life. In the current comics incarnation, Spider-Girl is the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson in the future. She inherits her father's powers, and deals with problems of the future. This alternate universe could go in different directions than the traditional Spider-Man universe.

1. Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)

I think one of the most progressive moves in the comic industry occurred when Marvel changed Ultimate Spider-Man from Peter Parker to Miles Morales, a Latino/African-American teenager. His powers and problems are very different from Parker's, but he's no less awesome. As the most high-profile minority superhero, Morales should definitely get his own role on the big screen. No less than Andrew Garfield called out Sony to bring this character to the screen.

Do you think any of these characters should get movies? What other Spider-Man related characters would you like to see on the big screen?

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  1. I just read an article where one of the producers said Peter Parker is the only Spider-Man so we probably aren't going to see Miles Morales. The logistics of the Clone Saga might be difficult unless Andrew Garfield really has a twin brother. Otherwise sure he could play both in one movie but if you want to spin it off you can't expect him to do both. But maybe they could work around that and have the clone's face get mangled and then rebuilt or something.

    And obviously we can't have any movies focusing on a female hero--bite your tongue!

  2. Yeah I saw that article, which disappointed me. But maybe they'll change their mind with enough fan support

  3. They could easily bring Miles aboard in some altered capacity (I'm already imagining possibilities). Speaking of the Clone Saga, in the Ultimate comics, Spider-Woman is Peter's clone!

  4. Spider-Girl could be like a Batman Beyond it could work.
    Spider-Ham was used in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. Loki turned Peter in to Spider-Ham and Thor into Throg the frog.

  5. I loved that. We still remember!

  6. Absolutely. Even if they introduced him as a sidekick, that would be cool

  7. Go Spider-Ham or go HOME!! I still have some old "Peter Porker" comics somewhere. I guess a full theatrical release is a long-shot, but it could definitely be a cool cartoon.

  8. I agree on the cartoon show. But wouldn't that be a trip to see Porker get the Pixar treatment?


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