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If the Trailer For CAPTAIN AMERICA Was Honest

Source: YouTube
Cinemasins Honest Trailer series continues with Captain America: First Avenger. Before The Winter Soldier hits theaters, revisit the first Captain America movie. While I love when they tackle bad movies, I'm always more impressed by their accurate takes on good movies. Because as much as I love Captain America, that ending really was a ripoff - just an extended commercial for The Avengers.

What do you think?

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  1. I did love the movie, but when you put The First Avenger in the title, you're just telling us it is a commercial for the Avengers.

  2. Man I really hope he isn't still a virgin. That would be really sad.

  3. I liked the movie, but this Honest Trailer is pretty darn accurate.

  4. I'm angry that he comes out as a fudgepacker. Don't need that in Star Trek.

  5. Saw it back in 1986, and was so mesmerized! The 3d was nothing like people had seen before, and the sound... it was like being seated inside a speaker. The first time Angelica came down on those cables, the entire audience jumped! 3 new songs, too, which was the first stuff that came out post-Thriller! What a sensation, and to be able to brag to my friends that I had seen me made me the epitome of cool! Having broken bounderies with short-form videos ("Billie Jean") and long-form videos ("Thriller"), it was only a natural progression that he tackle something truly out-of-the box. I understand why it hasn't been released; without the 3D and theater effects it just wouldn't be the same. Back in the day when every swing he took was a grand slam!


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