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If Superhero Origins Were Less Tragic [Videos]

Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, they all have heartbreakingly tragic origins. But what if they were just slightly less tragic? Dorkly has the answer in 8-bit format.

What do you think about the less tragic origins?

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  1. A less tragic origin does it for me. Heck, I'm a fictional superhero created by a dog. Evidently, I was born into a world of lavish luxury where I had gorgeous ladies tending to my every whim. Or something like that.

    A good weekend to you. And no, I'm not a robot!


  2. I love the 8-bit format.

    I prefer the tragic parts since they add more to the story.

  3. NES Flashbacks!
    Peter Parker still had a pretty bad time.

  4. The Batman clip was the best since it made the most sense. I totally dig the 8-bit graphics!


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