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7 Awesome Weather-Controlling Characters From Movies and TV

We all talk about the weather, but never do anything about it. Well, in sci-fi, we can. Here are seven characters from movies and TV who can change the weather report.

(Warning: Contains spoilers for all properties mentioned)

7. Sir August De Wynter (The Avengers)

Sir August De Wynter (Sean Connery); Source: The Avengers
When secret agents Steed and Mrs. Peel investigate stolen technology, they uncover the plot of the evil mad scientist De Wynter. He plots to hold the world for ransom by charging nations for rain and clear weather, and punishing others with bad weather. If he had succeeded, instead of turning to God for good weather, we'd have to turn to Scotland.

6. Laura Vasquez (Men In Black 2)

Laura Vasquez (Rosario Dawson); Source: Men in Black 2
When MIB investigates a missing alien relic called the Light of Zartha, they encounter Vasquez, a pizza ship waitress. When they finally uncover the truth about the Light, they discover she is the light. She thinks she always cries when it rains, but in reality, it rains because she cries.

5. Holman Hartz (The X-Files)

Sheila Fontaine (Victoria Jackson), Holman Hartz (David Manis); Source: The X-Files
In "The Rain King," Mulder and Scully investigate a mysterious drought in a small town. They discover mild-mannered Holman Hartz unknowingly has the power to control the weather, and his unrequited love for his high school sweetheart is causing the drought. Getting the girl leads to perfect weather.

4. Mary Embrey (Hancock)

Mary Embrey (Charlize Theron); Source: Hancock
Hancock is an alcoholic superhero who thinks he's the last of his kind until he meets Embrey. Embrey seems like a normal housewife, but is really another superhero. When she gets angry, thunderstorms form in the sky. So don't call her that word. Just don't.

3. Destro (GI Joe II: Revenge of Cobra)

Destro; Source: GI Joe II: Revenge of Cobra
Cobra weapon-master Destro creates the ultimate weapon in the form of the Weather Dominator. With the Joes' laser core, the Dominator can wreak havoc all over the world with storms, hurricanes, and snow. The only thing it couldn't handle was lightning.

2. Thor (Thor)

Thor (Chris Hemsworth); Source: Thor: The Dark World
From another world named Asgard, Thor is a member of a race worshiped as gods. He wields the mighty hammer, Mjolnir, which allows him to control the forces of nature. Thor loves his hammer, and always breaks out the lightning.

1. Storm (X-Men)

Storm (Halle Berry); Source: X3: The Last Stand
In X-Men, Ororo Munro is codenamed Storm. Her mutant power allows her control over her environment, summoning everything from tornadoes to thunderstorms. The only thing she couldn't summon in the movies is a good African accent.

Which is your favorite weather controller? Any others you can mention?

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  1. The Robot Chicken parody about the Weather Dominator is hilarious. A flashing billboard at one point reads "The forecast calls for pain." Which is pretty much how I felt all winter with this polar vortex junk. Feel lucky you're in Arizona.

  2. Gary Philip PennickMarch 14, 2014 at 7:43 PM

    The Shame on U weather controller in a episode of that cartoon Johnny Quest. The weather is no longer science fiction. It's sunny and warm in England. Go figure :)

  3. Referencing both the 1998 Avengers AND Hancock? Today you definitely have my attention. (I'm one of maybe three people who loves both of those movies.)

  4. Love the list, and Storm is definitely my favorite, with Thor in a close second.

  5. Love them all, but Storm will forever be my favorite.


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