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10 Most Bizarre Looks of Lex Luthor [List]

Speeding Bullets (1993)
Do you think Lex Luthor always looked the same? Then check out these bizarro looks for Lex Luthor over the years.

Last week it was announced that Jesse Eisenberg will play Lex Luthor in Man of Steel 2 (aka Batman vs. Superman). Immediately complaints poured in about him being too skinny and not being bald enough. What Culture wrote a whole article complaining about him being too young, too short and not bald enough. But they forget Lex Luthor hasn't always had the bald head and gut.

Here are 10 of the most memorable appearances of Lex Luthor.

1. "First Appearance" Action Comics #23 (1940)

2. "Brute Lex Luthor" Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again (2001)

3. "Cyber-Link Luthor" Superman & Batman: Doom Link (1995)

4. "Lutor" Superman's Metropolis (1996)

5. "Reverse beard Luthor" Elseworld's Finest: Supergirl & Batgirl (1998) 

6. "Lex Lemur" Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew (1983)

7. "John Byrne Luthor" Man of Steel (1986)

8. "Soviet Luthor" Superman: Red Son  (2003)

9. "Reverse Gender Luthor" Superman/Batman (2005)

10. "Lex Joker" Superman: Speeding Bullets (1993)

So you see? Jesse Eisenberg will be fine as Lex Luthor because it's not just about the bald head. Feel better? You're welcome.

Images via http://dc.wikia.com

Which is the strangest version of Lex Luthor? Do you think Eisenberg could pull off any of these looks?

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  1. The brute Lex Luthor was from the 2001 sequel not the original Dark Knight Returns. Art like that was a large part of why I didn't like that book. A lot of those I wasn't aware of but I suppose with over 75 years of history you have to expect a number of changes.

    I was looking forward to Bryan Cranston because he'd already been doing that to some extent on Breaking Bad; Luthor would just be taking Walter White to the next level of supervillainy. What's worrisome is if you change your casting that much it means you still don't have a final script. It's no wonder they had to push this back a year.

  2. He's had a lot of looks over the years. Last one he looks more like the Joker.

  3. I can see him with hair, it makes no difference to me. The key element to be Lex is calculated evilness. Whether or not he sees himself as the villain, he does what he does for mankind, and his ego. I do like the DC animated version from Superman: The Animated Series. Clancy Brown does an outstanding voice for the businessman version. Funny he also does Mr. Krabs on Spongebob.

  4. Ah, I wondered about that Pat. I kept finding different articles that said different things. I don't have the book, so I can't confirm it. Cranston would have been great and a fan favorite, but who knows, maybe he turned it down? He could have been worried about typecasting.


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