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Quiz: Can you tell the difference between Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburne III?

Do they look alike? Samuel L. Jackson and Laurence Fishburne

Do all black actors in sci-fi look alike? Take our quiz and find out.

Yesterday, Samuel L. Jackson realized a reporter at KTLA couldn't tell the difference between him and Laurence Fishburne. Can you? During an interview promoting Jackson's new movie RoboCop (2014) Sam Rubin asked, "Working for Marvel, the Super Bowl commercial, did you get a lot of reaction to that Super Bowl commercial?"

"What Super Bowl commercial?" Jackson replied.

There was a moment of silence before Jackson yelled, "See, you're as crazy as the people on Twitter. I'm not Laurence Fishburne! We don't all look alike! We may be all black and famous, but we don't look alike."

What about you? Can you tell the difference between "famous black guys" in science fiction movies? Try our quick quiz and find out. Post your results below so we can mock...er praise you for your knowledge of black people.
Thanks to David for the tip!

If you tried the quiz, how did you do? Is it easy to confuse Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne?

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  1. They only look alike if you're an idiot. And they sound nothing alike since Lawrence Fishburne uses a lot fewer f-bombs.

  2. Scored a perfect one hundred. I don't see how people could confuse them.

  3. Jackson showed remarkable restraint with his language

  4. The scary thing is people say I look like Fishburne all the time. I'm not sure it's a compliment.

  5. HA! Great quiz!
    I loved how he went through all the black guys he was not!

  6. As the interview went along, I started to feel sorry for the reporter. I can't tell if Samuel Jackson is kidding or not, probably a bit of both. I'll just assume that it was incredibly lazy prep for an interview moreso than not being able to tell two people that look nothing alike apart from one another.

    I keep a list of actors and actresses that I get mixed up on. Honestly. Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan - how are they not the same guy. I used to get the lady that played Lois in the Man of Steel and the lady from the Wedding Crashers mixed up so every time as well, in fact, I think I lost a bet with someone who told me they were different people. So every few months I google 'actors who look alike' to see if there are any new ones that I didn't know of before, or that I had forgotten about.

    The point is, I really hope that this wasn't a 'black people all look alike' thing. And I'm going to give the poor guy the benefit of the doubt.

    Anyway, the test was pretty funny.

  7. Ehhh...close enough. And if not, they can all just BURN IN HEYELLLL!!!!*

    *Classic quote from Laurence Fishburne...er, I mean Samuel Jackson!

  8. What? They aint the same person? Wasn't Samuel L. Jackson in The Matrix? Ignore me.

    Gary :)

  9. Scored 100% - and i also remembered all the names of the characters they played as well. This inspires me to set up a Swedish version of this test; can you tell the difference between Joel Kinnaman, Alexander Skarsgård, and Michael Nykvist? Can you? :)


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