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If Superman and Villains Had Breakfast Cereals [Images]

Phil Postma is most well known for his work taking famous movies like Avengers and rendering them as Pixar movies. But he also creates a lot of original work. One outstanding example is these Superman Breakfast Cereals. Featuring Superman and his Rogues' Gallery of villains, it makes me wonder if Man of Steel missed the boat by not using these. Check 'em out.

[Via Minion Factory]

Would you eat these breakfast cereals ? Which one is your favorite?

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  1. I'd eat Bizarre O's!

  2. I've always been a sucker for Alpha-bites

  3. Bizarr-Os are pretty awesome.

  4. I love that the Bizarre O's are not even O's there cubes! It is the only cereal made by General Mills, and probably made from white styrofoam. 100% No Sugar Added.

  5. Bizzare O's! Apparently no milk needed! No, seriously, Sugar Justice, because who doesn't like cereal sitting out in the sun and red cereal pieces that turns milk blue?

  6. If I were Mxyzptlk I'd be terrified of eating that cereal, should his name randomly float in the milk backwards...


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