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Geek Bits: Mega Man 2 Castle Worth, BLADE RUNNER Action Figures, ROBOCOP Trailer and More

Custom-made Blade Runner Action Figures via (The Mary Sue)

Which Street Fighter character says "We can do it?" What does Captain Kirk think about Miley Cyrus?  How intense is the new Gravity trailer? How much would you pay for Wily's castle?

Here are this week's top ten geekiest bit of the Internet.


10. Intense Gravity Trailer (via Deadline)
Last week I shared how reviews for Sandra Bullock's new film Gravity has stong reviews and now we get an insanely intense trailer for the film. It looks a lot more action-packed than the others we've seen. James Cameron says, “It’s the Best Space Film Ever”

9. Despicable Me Meets Star Trek (via /Film, Dumpaday)

8. Scifi and fantasy ladies pose as Rosie the Riveter for Labor Day (via io9)
Here are two of my favorites. Hit the link above for the rest.

7. Roxë15 Fund-Raising Campaign (via The Sci-Fi Gene)
A Kickstarter campaign I whole-heartedly support is the making of the film Roxë15 by Celia Peters. Described as "An edgy virtual reality programmer discovers a brutal virus invading her prized software. And then the virus comes after HER." Besides being a cool idea, it also strives to show diversity in science fiction. Find out more at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/roxe15.

6. Classic 1966 Batman Opening in Stop-Motion (via Lightning Squid)

5. Captain Kirk watches Miley Cyrus on VMA Awards (via The Knights)
In case anyone asks, my take on the whole Miley Cyrus VMA performance is simple: she can't dance! She's a terrible dancer, so having her dance "sexy" just makes it worse. Very embarrassing.

Anyway, it turns out the Star Trek Enterprise picked up the VMA feed. Here's their hilarious reaction.

4. Superhero Shorts: Lazy Teenage Superheroes (via Flights, Tights, and Movie Nights)
Bubbawheat always has great interviews with film makers like the guys that made the "Musical Wolverine" short. This week he talked to Michael Ashton "who made a short film about a group of slacker teenagers who happen to have super powers. He did it for practically no money with his friends and did most of the impressive special effects work himself."

3. How much is Mega-Man's Wily Castle Worth? (via He Geek She Geek)
Wily Castle From Mega Man 2 For Sale

2. Screen Rant’s 2013 Fall Movie Preview (via Screen Rant)
If you think the big movie season is over, then get ready for "blockbuster season part two."

1. First RoboCop Remake Pics and Trailer (via Comic Book Movie)
I gotta say it's both better and worse than I expected.

What did you think of this week's links?Is there anything on the Internet we missed this week?

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  1. The Star Trek clip was funny. "What is that?" It's a train wreck, Captain.

    My wife is going to want Star Trek Minions now.
    Still not excited about a Robocop remake though.

  2. As someone Tweeted last night, movies must have been great in our day. Why else are they remaking all of them?

  3. i cannot follow or support the "robocop" project... though a strong cast. i must have blade runner figures...

  4. The links this site always has never ceases to amaze me. I have earbuds in @ work and the Star Trek video on full screen. My coworkers and I still can't stop laughing at the reaction of the Enterprise! I too need the Blade Runner figures.

  5. Robocop really looks like a bland action flick with a great cast. The helmet is cool, but the rest of the costume looks like a Batman knockoff. It's really hard to improve on the original movie. Sure some of the effects are dated (Dick Jones' falling scene, stop motion ED209) but for the most part, it's a great looking film. I wouldn't buy the new one for a dollar.

  6. Here's how to look forward to the robocop remake:

    Watch the trailer with the sound down and when he gets into the black suit, pretend he's Samus in a Metroid adaptation.

  7. It does look great! The stop motion ED209 looks better than 90% of CGI.

  8. I always like to hear I got to make someone chuckle David!

  9. I heard Will Smith's kids had the same reaction Alex. A train wreck indeed.

  10. I'm hoping he starts selling them Jeremy. Great Shatner story BTW.

  11. Most of these are remakes? Yuck! MIley is sure making the rounds. Sad, just sad! Gravity looks pretty good!

  12. Why remake Robocop? Didn't they learn with Total Recall?

  13. LOL..what a hilarious reaction from Captain Kirk and Crew over the VMA feed. Made my night.

  14. I love the Rosie posters.

    That Kirk and Miley video is hilarious. I'm sharing it.


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