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Which is Your Favorite Marvel Cinematic Universe Film? [Poll]

The Avengers (2012) Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson)

Which is your favorite Marvel film from the Cinematic Universe?

With Iron Man 3 (2013) out, it's time to look back at the "Marvel Cinematic Universe." While there have been a bunch of films based on Marvel Comics characters, it was back in 2008 when they conceived of the idea of bringing them all together.

When Marvel Studios began independently producing superhero films, they created "The Marvel Cinematic Universe" (MCU) which is a film franchise and shared fictional universe based on characters from Marvel Comics. Mirroring the comic books, the shared universe of the films cross over common plot elements, settings, cast, and characters. It's why we get to see Robert Downey Jr. pop up in Thor.

I created a chart a while back that explains all the cameos from the films that led to The Avengers.

So which is your favorite?

The result of last week's poll is that Christian Bale is everyone's favorite Batman by 46%. Kevin Conroy, from Batman: the Animated Series came in second.

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Which is your favorite MCU film and why?

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  1. such a quick and just choice... i couldn't respond quick enough.

  2. I'm going to be an odd man out. I liked Captain America probably the most with Iron Man 1 a close second.

  3. I voted for Captain America. I like the time period killing Natzi/Hydra soilders. My son has Autism and is bullied a lot. This film is a father & son thing for me also.

  4. I liked Iron Man 1 the best. Can I vote Thor as nicest to look at?

  5. I liked Captain America just a smidge more than The Avengers.....though I really enjoyed The Avengers, as well. Both are great films and I'm looking forward to more.

  6. Voted The Avengers. Iron Man 2 and Captain America would trail behind pretty closely.

  7. Captain America was the best of the films so I go with that. It's funny too cause as a comic book, he's one of my least favorites. I just loved what they did with him.


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