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The Real Story of Van Damme and the Predator [Movies]

The Predator is an iconic movie monster, but it wasn't always that way. Few fans have seen the original Predator design, which was scrapped shortly after the movie started production, and re-designed by Stan Winston. Fewer still have heard the story of how Jean-Claude Van Damme got involved and ultimately left the movie. Now this short documentary tells how JCDV and the Predator parted ways.

[Via YouTube]
What do you think of the video? What do you think of the original Predator?

[Image Source: YouTube]

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  1. The design was cool, but the suit - not so much. (Funny where the guy hits the head on a tree.) It looked more like something from a bad 60's horror film. Not The Creeping Terror bad, but not good.

  2. that was a very cool insight of the process and the events that lead to a much better outfit, than some bug looking thing...

  3. I've been a semi-committed JCVD fanatic for years. Some day I'll have the proper level of devotion...


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