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'Star Trek' vs 'Star Wars' in Movies, Toys, and More [Infographic]

One of the great geek debates for the last generation has been Star Trek versus Star Wars. We can all debate which is better in terms of characters, story, realism, and fun forever. However, there are some real world numbers we can crunch to see which franchise is best. Which franchise has more movies? Which franchise sold more toys? All these numbers and more are analyzed in this infographic by Hark. See who wins by clicking below:

[Via Blastr via Trek News via Hark]

Do you agree with the infographic? Which franchise do you think is the winner?

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  1. Star Wars will always win in toys, but it's more for kids anyway. Star Trek is more adult. And has the most fanatical fans.

  2. Star Wars definitely has way better toys.

  3. I've always been able to be a fan of both. Takes a real kind of nerd dedication.

  4. did they cover value of the toys... i only have great memories. what about comic books... phasers to light sabers... weapons? wow it's early and i need my meds, i mean coffee!!


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