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2 Geeks Debate 'Star Wars' Originals vs Prequels [Movies]

I've made no secret that I consider the Star Wars prequels to be inferior to the original, and the original trilogy is right up there with the all-time great movies. But I have to admit that the current generation has a far different view of the prequels than I do. I never thought I would see anyone convince me that the prequels are better than the originals...because they're not...but this video comes close. Made by Parker Jakobowhitz, it shows two geeks debating the movies; one for the original trilogy, the other for the prequels. They both make arguments and counter-arguments for everything from special effects to dramatic arc. The amazing part is that the pro-prequel side actually makes some credible arguments for the prequels over the originals. Originals still rule, though.


Were you convinced? Which trilogy do you think is better? Let us know in the comments.
[Image Source: YouTube]

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  1. Sorry - not a chance. The last three movies still almost destroyed Star Wars forever for me. Empire will always be the best.

  2. There are some valid reasons like the effects and maybe if we were emotionless like Vulcans we could think the prequels are better but the originals will always be the emotional favorites.

  3. Prequels were the twin brother that should have stayed a mystery... now I enjoy watching them, when I watch the originals. I also will be in line to see any version that should come out in the future, though it's time for a reinvention... We need more passion, the only passion I had for the newer films... was when the younglings were killed by a friend.... the rest was visual eye candy. Seeing films that invoked a great childhood memory, that is what the whole Star Wars thing is for me...

  4. I love the prequels. Good stuff. I don't know that I can be completely objective, though, because I grew up with the originals, so I never know how much bias is there. The prequels are just more fun, though, and have a far bigger dramatic payoff. People can sometimes forget that George Lucas didn't do the originals alone. An analysis of them would reveal the secret weaknesses that developed because of this. It shows that he had greater control of the prequels. There's more coherence.


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