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M. Pax: Five Star Trek Technologies In Reality Or Close To It [Guest]

The world of Star Trek is fantastical and amazing. Impossible you say. But, wait!

Reality is catching up to science-fiction. Since the show first aired, back in the 1960's, technology is catching up to the world envisioned by Gene Roddenberry.

Mary Pax, the blogger of Wistful Nebulae and MPax-TheWebsite was the first recipient of our "Weird Science" award. She's also an author and astronomer. We're honored that she agreed to do a guest post on our blog.
With no further adieu, we now present the guest post of M. Pax.
Thanks to Maurice of the Geek Twins for having me on this awesome blog today.
1.  Voice controlled computers and devices.
2.  Cell phone, blue tooth, and tablets bring us communicators and tricorders.
3.  Cloaking – scientist have created an invisibility cloak. Yes, now we can compete with the Romulans without stealing their devices. Chargh! READ MORE
4.  Beaming. In 2004, scientists teleported atoms for the first time. READ MORE
 5.  The holodeck. Three technologies bring us closer to holodecks—a brain implant that allows feeling virtual objects, the ability to replay movies from our memories, and the illusion cloak.
An international team has developed a brain interface that is bi-directional. They already successfully demonstrated it on primates where the monkeys have been able to interact and feel a virtual world. READ MORE
Neuroscientists at Berkley have been able to reconstruct images we see from our brain activity. READ MORE
Scientist have developed an illusion cloak that can make one object look like another. READ MORE
A combination of these three breakthroughs could lead to the holodeck.
 M. Pax blogs at Wistful Nebulae and at MPax-TheWebsite. She spends her summers as a star guide at Pine Mountain Observatory and has a slight obsession with Jane Austen. Author of Semper Audacia and the free reads Plantgirl, Translations and Small Graces. Coming in 2012: The Backworlds, Stopover at theBackworlds' Edge, The Tumbas and The Augmentation of Hetty Locklear.

Which technology do you think will bring us closer to Star Trek?
[Image Source: SciFiPulse.net]


  1. Thanks for having me on today, Maurice :)

  2.  You got it M Pax! Thanks for agreeing to share your knowledge on the blog!

  3.  lol I was really proud of coming up with the proto tech for the holodeck

  4. Congratulations on being the first Weird Science award and guest.
    Don't forget the iPad. Looks just like those on Next Generation.

  5. Thanks, Alex. I sort of included iPad with tablet. They do look like TNG. They used something similar on Stargate, too.

  6. Warp speed . lol!  But hey, today they can teleport things smaller than an atom successfully, who knows how long before they can transfer other  bazillion atoms of a object?


  7. so cool! love how you brought it all together thru star trek!

  8. It would be great not to have to commute Sia.

    Well, I had been going over recent discoveries for AtoZ, so was somewhat prepared, Tara.

    Happy Pi Day!

  9. Great observations, Mary! It may be a while before I add a room to my house for a holo-suite but I imagine it's coming. As you say; it's all there...

  10. Such cool technology, but I thought we were excited about the invisibility cloak because of Harry Potter...or it might've just been me. :)

  11. I'm looking forward to having a holodeck in my house. :D I'd love to go on an adventure with my characters...though I probably wouldn't be cool enough that they'd want to play with me...

  12. Lindsay, the best part is you can always reprogram them to think you're cool. LOL

  13. Cherie, it's definitely not just you. ;)

  14. That was the most detailed part and the one I thought least likely to happen. Nice!

  15. Turning a whole spaceship invisible is much more exciting, Cherie. Maybe.

    That would be a hoot Lindsay. Craze would probably kick me out of his bar...

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