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'Apollo 18' Is The Scary Movie For People Who Don't Like Being Scared [Review]

Apollo 18 is terribly unscary considering its supposed to be a horror movie. But, if long shots of nothing, with occasional moments of surprise, are your kind of movie then welcome to paradise.

The film is now on DVD, but I saw out in the theater. My wife and I went to see it and as we drove to the theater I mentioned I was surprised she wanted to go since she doesn't like scary movies. She asked, "Is this movie scary?" I said, "Yeah, its a horror movie." She nervously asked if she would be scared and I thought hard. I didn't want to be responsible for her sleepless night. On the other hand, if I said yes I'd miss the movie since it's our date night. "I don't think so." I muttered unconvingcingly.

Turns out I was right.

Apollo 18 is another "found footage" film like Blair Witch or Cloverfield. Claiming to be based on classified NASA footage about a secret second mission to the moon, it follows two astronauts doing a geological study on the far side of the moon. They;re confronted with terrifying proof of life.

The movie never feels confined or claustrophobic even though space capsules and space suits are very cramped. The actors never really seem scared, but confused, even though they face certain death. Overall, the movie is just scary enough to make your pulse pound a little. The rest of the time its confusing.

A word about the poster. Without spoiling anything I'll say I have no idea how the aliens made that footprint. If that's what it is. If its not a footprint then its obviously misleading. Either way the aliens are nothing like that.

Rent it if you like, but I wouldn't recommend buying it.

One and a half out of five stars.

How do you feel? Would you watch Apollo 18? If you did what did you think?


  1. It's theatrical release was postponed so many times, I knew that wasn't a good sign. Think I've about had my limit of found footage and shaky cams.

  2. is this for the movie,ok umm apollo 18 is really not scary it would be a little scary if they put more people diffrent aliens and more blood ang gore i was surpised of the results of this movie when i watched it

  3. Well said. Yeah, the aliens were the biggest disappointment to me.


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