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Friends Friday: Second Blog Award, Great Movies and Other News [Links]

I missed last week's Friends Friday and this week's is late. I'll make it a double-sized post to make up for it.

This week's news is surprisingly movie heavy. Upcoming movies, unseen movies and one horribly bad (good?) movie.

The recipient of this week's blog award is Arlee Bird! He gets our second "Pied Piper: Most Deserving Blog Followers" award.

He's got over a thousand followers for his great story-telling and juggling skills. I'm going to change the award request from last time. Simply name three people who deserve their followers you'd like to pass it to. They can be people with a lot of followers or just ones that you think deserve more.

SuperPunch - This is just too cute. A little kid loves the game Portal so much he has a Portal-themed bedroom. In the video he's so excited! Ah the beauty of youth.

Alex J Cavanaugh - Alex has a run-down of the final movies of the year in his post Last Movies of the Year!  I'm looking forward to Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, The Darkest Hour and Mission Impossible 4 - Ghost Protocol. I hate Tom Cruise, and I hate that it's nothing like the TV show, but the last one was good.

On a related note: Check out our YouTube channel GeekTwinsThe (The Geek Twins was taken by a couple of spastic teenagers) for our favorite trailers, videos and original content.

MPax - Mary Pax has a review of a romantic sci-fi film called Timer. Its a world where everyone has a timer that lets them know when they'll meet their soul mate. She asks a good question: If we could know anything for certain, or a piece of technology claimed we could know for certain, how would it change us? I don't know how to answer that. I don't believe in anything for certain, so I guess it would change everything I believe.

Star Trek - Sci Fi Blog Spacerguy has a post called Opening Hailing Frequencies on some amazingly cute TARDIS and Firefly knitted cell phone cases. So cute!

From These Hollows - After a long hiatus April Dunno is back! Slide over to her latest post Randomness... to show some love.

The Sci-Fi Gene - Sci-Fi Gene has a hilarious post reviewing a classic Roger Corman film On Yer Bike [Review: Deathsport]. With a name like Corman it has to be good.

Reid Kemper's Science Fiction Blog - Reid Kemper is starting a Blogfest where you can swap links to posts called Reid Kemper's Blog Swap Blogfest. It's a great idea! I just hope I can narrow down my list to the top ten thousand.

Fantasy & SciFi Lovin' News - SQT has a couple of trailers for the upcoming 2012 John Carter (formally John Carter of Mars) Disney movie. "John Carter" -- Official Trailer (Updated to Include Second Trailer). I love the books, and this trailer won me over to the movie concept.

What do you think of today's news? Any news we missed? Want to congratulate Arlee? Let us know in the comments.


  1. Thanks for mentioning my movie post! Caught the new John Carter trailer earlier - can't wait for the movie. And Lee is an excellent choice to receive that award. The A to Z master himself!
    Now I really want to see that kid's room...

  2. Thank you so much for the Pied Piper honor.  Now if I could play the flute like Ian Anderson from Jethro Tull I'd really have something going for me.  I'll slap this on my site on one of my upcoming posts toward the end of the month since I've got most of mine done for December.  Just preparing for the holidays.
    Thanks again!


    Wrote By Rote

  3. I've been proudly displaying the Pied Piper Award on my blog for 3 years now, thanks Geek Twins!


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