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Star Wars Episode IV: The TextSpeak Edition - Part 2

What if the Star Wars characters had to communicate through text messages? What if George Lucas was limited to 160 characters per line?

We now present part two of Star Wars: Episode IV (The TextSpeak Edition).

For those not familiar with the acronyms, you can click on the link for a translation.
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LukeS: M2K Falcon s POS
HanS: W/E
StormTrpr2445: Stop dat ship
HanS: ChUe we GGOH. ltz go 2 lyt speed
LukeS: Ltz get goin
HanS: Traveling thru hyperspace izn lk dustn crops! w/o SMOP
we cUd fly rytthrua* or go 2 clse 2 a supernova n that'd Nd yr trip real qik, wudnt it? K w'routa hre.
LukeS: Whoo Hooo!
HanS: SU Luke

GuvTarkin: Wuzup PrincessL?
PrincessL: GuvTarkin. USTNK.
GuvTarkin: ?4U. whrs d rebel base?
PrincessL: NW.
PrincessL: PDS! D d rebel base iz on Dantooine.
GrandMarkin: Gud. BBQ Alderaan
PricessL: NW!
GuvTarkin: AFJ

ObiwanK: ouch
LukeS: wzup?
ObiwanK: I felt a gr8 disturbance n d 4S...as f m2K of voices SH^ @ 1s. somit awfulhs hapnd
HanS: IAG... dnt evry1 thank me @ 1s.
ObiwanK: Les prctic ur lytsabr

ChUe: Grrr!
R2D2: Beep!
ChUe: Grrr!
HanS: 19. H8TTU
C3PO: u btr lose

ObiwanK: Jdi feel d 4S
LukeS: ow! This sux
HanS: W\E
LukeS: u dnt bleev n d 4S?
HanS: NW
ObiwanK: SU HanS. LukeS uz d 4S
LukeS: kewl
ObiwanK: NBFAB. yr 1st step 2 da 4S
LukeS: wru?

HanS: Alderaan aint hre. Jus rocks.
ObiwanK: D empire!
HanS: NW. it w%d taK 1 K ships. >:-o a ship headd 4 dat sml m%n.
ObiwanK: dat no m%n. dats a space st8N!
LukeS: Ive a lousy feelN bout dis.
HanS: Me 2. Chue bac ^
Luke: wuz up?
HanS: traktor beam
C3PO: we r dun 4!

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What do you think? Would Star Wars have been better in SMS messages?
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  1. No. It would not have been better in SMS messages.

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