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Belated Alpha's 'A Short Time in Paradise' Review

Season 1, Episode 8  'A Short Time in Paradise'
Last week's Alpha's was interesting and became my third all-time favorite (after "Cause & Effect" and "Rosetta"). Characters changed and grew.

Hicks and Nina are entranced by a deadly cult leader named Jonas (Garret Dillahunt), whose powers are slowly killing his followers. Bill tries to persuade Dr. Rosen to have the team learn tactical maneuvers for their subsequent missions. Rachel urges her father (Daniel Kash) to go the doctor due to him showing early signs of throat cancer. 
For the first time we see a rogue "alpha" who actually knows about his power, but thinks he's helping. That desire to do good and help people while tragically killing them made this one of the more fascinating episodes.

Its revealed that Hicks has a drinking problem and needs to go to A.A. meetings for his custody hearings. Its there that he first meets Joshua who literally shines like an angel while using his power to make people happy.

Bill has great moments and showed that, while he does have superpowers, his skills as a federal agent make him the most useful member of the group. More than his super strength and speed. Maybe that's why they got rid of his powers in the end of the episode.

Rachel has a great moment as she finally learns to stand up to her father. Thanks to some advice from Gary, of all people. His advice to do what he does of saying what he thinks turned out to be what she needed. its nice seeing her grow. Hicks and Nina finally got together although it doesn't count since there were under the spell of Josnas.

Dr. Rosen kills someone and it really affects him deeply. Its a nice change from the usual portrayal of violence in television. It has an affect on people.

Overall, it was a good episode since there's an element of tragedy as the characters had to let go of things they hold dear.

3 1/2 stars

What did you think of last week's Alphas?
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