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Winner of the Make Up Obi-Wan Facts and Win A 'Star Wars' DVD Contest

For this month's contest, we asked you to come up with funny "Chuck Norris" style jokes about Obi-Wan and the winner is: Jworzala!

When we envisioned this contest we knew you guys were funny. We just didn't know how funny you would be.

All the entries were great. Unfortunately, some didn't follow the rules, but were still funny.

We almost changed the rules so they could participate, but the rules were set and it wouldn't have been fair to change them.

While it was hard to narrow the entries here is the winning entry along with the three runners-up.
  • Fourth place: "Obi-Wan Kenobi was Chuck Norris's personal trainer." - Daniel Thornton
  • Third place: "If Obi-wan wanted..... he could make us like Jar-Jar. " - Eric Ivins
  • Second place: "Obi-Wan is dead....but, death was just too afraid to tell him..." Jon C
  • Winner: "Ben didn't need a spaceship to survive in space, he only used one so he didn't look cocky." - Jworzala
Jworzala, we'll be sending you an email so we can get your contact information soon. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone that entered. You guys are hilarious and this contest proved it. Be on the look out for our next contest soon!

Next week, we'll have another picture for you to give a funny caption for. Hope to see everyone who entered back again for more laughs.

Want to congratulate our winner? Which was your favorite entry from the list?

Update: Corrected title


  1. I don't know.  Maybe I'm not up on Star Wars enough.  I don't get them.

    Tossing It Out

  2. I thought a lot of them were really funny!  Congrats Jworzala!

  3.  Thanks everyone


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