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'Eureka' S4E16 'Of Mites and Men' [Review]

Overall, this is one of the weaker episodes of the season, but it makes up for it with some good character moments and fine acting.

Eureka "Of Mites and Men"
Season 4 - Episode 16

The mission to Saturn's moon of Titan is getting ramped up and Senator Alice Wen is pressuring "Global Dynamics" to move forward with the mission to Titan.

Dr. Saint-Augutusa speeds up her production schedule using metal reforming robot mites to complete the hull of the Astreus vessel. Coincidentally, Dr. Fung is working on an interstellar communication system that's accidentally causing earthquakes. Could the disappearance of Tungsten metal items be related? Of course not. It never is. Turns out the mites have gone berserk building as many ships as possible.

While the Astreus Titan mission team candidates: Holly, Dr. Parrish, Fargo and Jo are undergoing stress tests in a simulator Henry and Grace are arguing over whether to go forward with a heart procedure that would let him go to space. Unfortunately, it had never been done on humans and Grace doesn't want to take the risk. Allison is benched after having her brain hi-jacked by Beverly Barlowe and she's not happy. Unfortunately, Carter agrees with the Senator. Uh oh.

In the end there are some great character moments in the training simulator ("My doctor says I have the bladder of a water buffalo." brags Holly) and Will Wheaton makes for some hilarious moments as the egotistical self-serving Dr. Parrish. Henry and Grace bicker like a funny old married couple and their announcement at the end that their getting married (again) and skipping the mission to Titan was touching.

It wasn't a great episode as it goes back to some familiar themes of relationships, but it was OK.

What did you think of Eureka 4x16?

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  1. But we better enjoy these episodes while they last. SyFy is so lame for cancelling the show.


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