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Are These the Most Amazing Retro Electronic Papercraft You've Ever Seen? [Photos]

I'm assuming you'll say yes since I've never seen anything like these at all. From paper Walkman's to Gameboy's Zim and Zhou have created nostagic history. These make me flash back to the glory days of "Tetris" and mobile phones that needed shoulder straps.

These French artists have managed to take the world of papercraft to the next level by creating things that no one uses anymore.
Zim & Zou is a french graphic design studio based in Nancy (France). Composed of Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann who studied graphic design in an artschool, they're now working together to offer their services. The studio proposes a contemporary approach of design thanks to a mix of different fields such as paper sculpture, installation, graphic design, illustration, webdesign... Zim&Zou's strength is to be a complementary and polyvalent duo.

The level of detail on these colorful paper sculptures is amazing. I was trying to figure out which pictures to show you but its hard! They're all good! Here are my reluctant favorites:

Which is your favorite papercraft? Any of these bring back memories?
[Image Source:Back-to-Basics]
Via BoingBoing


  1. Oh wow, it looks just like them. They are awesome at papercraft!

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