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27 STAR WARS Scenes That Would Be Better or Worse in 3D

George Lucas has announced that Star Wars: The Phantom Menace will be released in theaters in 3-D on February 10, 2012.

He's also planning to convert the six Star Wars films into 3-D and this has launched a firestorm of criticism and praise. To help unite the two sides we now present the top 25 scenes that will be made better or worse by 3-D. You decide.

1.The Star Wars logo receding into the background (Better).

That, and the musical sting (ba-bummmmm), always makes my heart jump. In 3-D, I'd go into cardiac arrest with excitement.

2. The Opening Text Crawl (Worse).

It's hard enough reading the miles of text about space trade taxation without trying to have your eyes adjust to the depth perception.

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3. Emperor Palpatine being thrown down the shaft (Better).

That seemingly endless shaft would seem even deeper. Plus, that blast of lightning would be awesome.

4. Anakin Getting his Arms and Legs Cut Off (Better).

The burning flames and simmering lava would look even more dramatic in 3-D. The flip over Obi-Wan Kenobi in three dimensions would be even more heart-pounding. Talk about going head over heels for Padme.

5. Luke getting his hand cut off (Worse).

Luke getting his hand chopped off wasn't exciting to look at. In 3-D you'd find yourself wondering where it went. Did some Stormtrooper find it? Would he throw it out? If not, who would he give it to? Just let it go.

6. The Speeder Bike Chase on Endor (Worse).

The scene already has a great sense of speed and emotion. If you add 3-D it becomes a confusing mess of blurry images.

7. Luke Fighting the Rancor Monster (Better).

The Rancor monster is just a puppet, but, in 3-D his snapping jaws would threaten to break you in half.

8. Han Solo frozen in Carbonite (Worse).
Maybe the steam would be cool, but do we need to see Han Solo's frozen body fall on top of us?

9. Han Solo shooting Greedo (Better).
We could settle the whole "who-shot-first" thing once and for all. It's Han by the way.

10. Padme and Anakin Kiss (Better).
The glittering oceans and brilliant sunsets of Naboo would heighten the delicate kiss between two lovers. Well worth the 3-D.

11. Luke and Leia Kiss (Worse).
This scene is creepy enough as it is, but it becomes even more grotesque when you see them opening their mouths in 3-D.

12. AT-AT Walkers Attacking the Hoth Base (Better).

Seeing the AT-AT Walkers tower over us while the snow speeders desperately try to destroy the hulking machines. Luke swinging from the dizzying height to blow up the massive under-belly of the beast. These are the scenes 3-D was invented for.

13. Luke Skywalker attacking the Sarlacc Pit (Worse).
It's just a gaping hole. The remastered tentacles would look even more out of place in a 3-D version.

14. The Bounty Hunter Chase over Coruscant (Better).
All those cars flying around the city would look even more dangerous. Plus, the dizzying heights would have you gripping your seat with excitement.

15. The Naboo Leaders Discussing the Invasion (Worse).
A boring scene made slightly less boring by Amidala's headpiece threatening to poke your eye out.

16. The Clone War with the seperatist armies (Better).
This battle had an epic scale with massive fighters and armies battling across the open landscape. Now imagine being in the middle of the battle.

17. The Gungan War with the Seperatist Armies (Worse).
This battle was only slightly interesting to begin with, but anything that makes Jar-Jar look more realistic is a bad thing. Imagine Jar-Jar Binks multiplied a thousand times.

18. Oola's dance in Jabba's Palace (Better).
We get to watch Oola's tentacles twirl while doing her graceful dance.

19. Other Dancers in Jabba's Palace (Worse).
Besides the fact that you get the big toothed Max Rebo spitting in your face, you have the fat dancer swinging her flab. Imagine a lap dance by Rush Limbaugh. In 3-D. Ugh.

20. Obi-Wan Being Chased by Jango Fett in the Asteroid Field (Better).
This scene is pulse-pounding and gripping. It would be even better when the rocks are flying right into your face as Slave 1 shoots you in the head.

21. The Millennium Falcon Being Chased Out of the Giant Space Worm (Worse).
We'd feel like the worm was trying to swallow us, but it would show how obvious the hand puppet was.

22. Yoda fighting Chancellor Palpatine (Better).
This fight was epic as the Jedi master Yoda fought the soon-to-be Emperor in the Galactic Senate chamber. Besides Palpatine throwing Senate pods at the screen, it also has some dizzying heights as Yoda scrambles for safety.

23. Yoda fighting Count Dooku (Worse).
Yes, this is one of the most popular fights in SW history, but it all happens too fast. You're just asking for a headache.

24. Holograms of Princess Leia (Better).
Who wouldn't want to see the lovely Princess Leia in three dimensions?

25. Holograms of Obi-Wan Kenobi on the Cloner Planet (Worse).
Nobody wants to see a dripping wet Obi-Wan Kenobi.

26. Light Saber Battle with Darth Maul (Better).
All the flips, jumps and spins would really pop out in 3-D

27. Light Saber Battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi (Worse).
The very first light saber fight the world had ever seen seemed epic. Now, it looks like a slow fight between two old men. It would be even slower in three dimensions.

Which Star Wars scene do you think would be better or worse in 3-D? Is 3-D Star Wars worth watching at all?

[Update: Mitch pointed out in the comments that number 13 was listed twice. I made the change and he gets the "Editor of the Week" award! Plus, numerous typos fixed.]


  1. Good catch Mitch! You get the "Editor of the Week" award!
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  2. I see it now. Two #13's. Pretty cool list regardless.

  3. Where's #19? Technically 26.


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