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This Week in TV Geek: The Cape Begins, Big Changes For V and the Big Bang Theory Goes Green with Envy

This week marks the official first episode of The Cape after last weeks two-hour premiere as it moves to its new time slot. It also features Summer Glau doing the aerial silk splits. It must be sweeps week.

The Cape
NBC, Mon, Jan 17 4:00 PM
"Kozmo" - Season 1, Episode 2
Synopsis: Vince fights to protect his new friends from an old pal of Max's who comes in search of the cape. Meanwhile, Dana returns to work at the public defender's office, and Peter and Marty try to determine Orwell's real identity.
Guest Cast Thomas Kretschmann: Gregor Molotov

Mon, Jan 17 8:00 PM
"Chuck Versus the Balcony" - Season 4, Episode 11
Synopsis: Chuck embarks on two secret quests. As he tries to locate a nano-chip in the vineyards of France, he also attempts to stealthily concoct a romantic getaway for Sarah. Meanwhile, Lester pesters Big Mike to help him sort out his troubled love life.

ABC Tue, Jan 18 9:00 PM
"Laid Bare" - Season 2 Episode 3
Synopsis: Lisa's body undergoes changes; Anna dispatches Ryan to find Agent Malik after she goes missing.

No Ordinary Family
ABC Tue, Jan 18 8:00 PM
"No Ordinary Detention" - Season 1, Episode 13
Synopsis: During an Internal Affairs probe of a dishonest police officer, the precinct is overwhelmed by a gang of criminals, and Jim may be the only one who can save his colleagues. Meanwhile, Katie and Stephanie care for an ailing Joshua at the lab but grow suspicious of human-resources executive Victoria Morrow (Rebecca Mader).

The Big Bang Theory
CBS Thu, Jan 20 8:00 PM
"The Love Car Displacement" - Season 4, Episode 13
Synopsis: Howard is jealous when Bernadette runs into her old boyfriend at a science event they're attending.
Guest Cast: Mayim Bialik (Amy), Rick Fox (Glenn), Melissa Rauch (Bernadette)

BBC Sat, Jan 22 9:00 PM
Series 4, Episode 5
Synopsis: Connor and Abby are sent to investigate an odd anomaly signal, and uncover the existence of an ancient Labyrinthodont in a small coastal town. While trying to track it down, they discover a group of farmers smuggling dangerous fuel. Back at the ARC, Matt sets out to find Emily after her mysterious disappearance.

Television listing information taken from tvguide.com.
[Image source: NBC media village]

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