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Top 12 Most Revealing Screen Caps from the "Green Lantern" Trailer

After going through the just-released Green Lantern trailer frame by frame, I found some pretty amazing reveals in the trailer. Here are some of my favorites:
Abin Sur is dying and apparently has sustained some pretty terrible wounds. How so? And what's with the spaghetti-looking body damage?

Someone appears to riding in some kind of weird vehicle. In the movie, the Lanterns use vehicles to travel great distances. Is that Sinestro in there?

The planet Oa. What are the plumes of light coming from the planet? We see these again later
Here we see Jordon and Tomar-Re looking out over Oa. The plumes of light are coming from some place deep underground and are so powerful they go into space. Tomar's suit has a scaly look to it.
Sinestro. The director has said hes not going to be evil in this movie, but he definitely looks sinister. Notice how his costume is slightly different from Hal's.

Hal uses his infamous giant green boxing glove. It's more like a fist here, though.
Sinestro is descending into what looks like an enormous glowing GL symbol. This is the power battery deep in the planets core. Notice the light in the background shooting into the sky.

Kilowog and Hal meet. Apparently, he has bad breath
The most revealing of all clips. What looks like Sinestro being blown back by a massive yellow power source. Is this the beginning of his move to the dark side and the appearance of Parallax?

Hammond is the main villain of the film and is apparently building some sort of vehicle.
A great view of how the suit is created over Hal's body. It spreads out from the symbol on his chest to his body. We don't know what happens to his clothes

Great shot of GLs costume. Looks great and has more shading than the previous shots we've seen.

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  1. I'm actually cautiously looking forward to this - some folks find the lightish treatment of Hal offensive, but think about it: he's a freaking test-pilot - did no one see "The Right Stuff"? In fact, in Darwyn Cooke's "New Frontier" he actually puts him in with that crowd.

    The costume will take some getting used to, but then the GL uniform has changed many times and is customized to each GL anyway.

    With the right treatment, this could be another "Iron Man", given GL is much closer to IM than to Bats in tone.

    It's nice they're sticking with the canon, but I think they missed the mark using Hammond - he's not a particularly dynamic character. Something big and space-based would have made a better first outing.

    If they're clever, they'll give his sidekick Tom a moment where he declines an eskimo pie (the origin of his original nickname, Pieface).

    We'll see. It could be good, it will likely be mediocre, but at least it looks like they're using a fair piece of the source material. Given the amount of money that goes into modern movies, it still amazes me that they allow themselves to make fundamental mistakes. Be true to the canon that made these characters popular, tell a really good story in that world, and people will let you get away with just about anything.


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