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This Week in Geek: Wonder Woman, Caprica, Dino

1. Wonder Woman War - Lynda Carter and Megan Fox have gotten into a war of words over Wonder Woman. Rumors that Megan Fox would be playing Wonder Woman in the upcoming movie were dashed when she was quoted in the London Times trashing the superheroine:
"Wonder Woman is a lame superhero. She flies around in her invisible jet and her weaponry is a lasso that makes you tell the truth. I just don’t get it. Somebody has a big challenge on their hands whoever takes that role, but I don’t want to do it."
When asked about her comments on an episode of Fox and Friends, Lynda Carter responded in a very genteel way:
"Megan Fox actually kind of trashed Wonder Woman. She said she thought it was dumb, like 'what's the big whoop making people tell the truth.' I like her, I just thought she shouldn't trash Wonder Woman."
Monkey Migraine: As much as I hate to admit it, Megan Fox kind of has a point. But the comics have really toned down the goofy gear, and focused more on her physical strength, bulletproof bracelets, and given her the power of flight. So a movie would most likely do the same. I appreciate that Carter weighed in on this, although I wish she had started cursing and trashing Fox. And then I wish that Lynda Carter and Megan Fox would meet on the red carpet and get into a catfight, and tear their dresses off…sorry, where was I? Oh, yeah. Megan Fox has a big mouth. And on a personal note, I've always had a crush on Lynda Carter, and I think she still looks absolutely breathtaking, especially considering her age.

Maurice M: Megan totally misses the point. Forcing someone to tell the truth is the most useful superpower in the world. Just watch Lie to Me. The bracelets are kind of lame since you have to move your wrists fast enough to block them. She's just sour about getting kicked off Transformers. Good point about Lynda Carter, bro. Very hot.

2. Happy Trails, De Laurentiis - Dino De Laurentiis died at the age of 91. If the name doesn't ring a bell, then his resume will. Many of the iconic sci-fi, horror, and fantasy films of the last fifty years came from Dino De Laurentiis. He was the producer of Barbarella (1968), King Kong (1978), Flash Gordon (1980), Conan the Barbarian (1982), Dune (1984), The Dead Zone (1983), Cat's Eye (1985), and Army of Darkness (1992).

Monkey Migraine: Happy trails, Mr. De Laurentiis. Though the quality of his movies may be debatable, no one can argue about his enthusiasm.

Maurice M: The man was a giant in the film industry. It would be twenty years before someone else dared to remake King Kong. The man had guts. Happy trails indeed.

3. Happy Trails, Caprica - Last year, the big hyped SyFy channel show was the Battlestar Galactica prequel, Caprica. They've just announced that there will not be a second season and they won't air the final episodes till later.

MauriceM: Happy trails, Caprica. The next time a boring sci-fi show about political intrigue and teenage robots comes along, we'll think of you.

Monkey Migraine: Never saw it, didn't plan to, don't miss it. But I hear the show has caused ripples through the sci-fi community. George Lucas is preparing a TV show that's a prequel to the prequel trilogy. It will be a series set in the period prior to the discovery of the Force, the lightsaber, and space travel. It'll be set on Tattoine before it was colonized; a weekly hour-long show about empty sand dunes. But seriously, Syfy has simultaneously green-lit another BSG prequel called Blood & Chrome, set during the Cylon Wars. This is the move they should've done in the first place.


  1. A chick who did dialogue with a talking car called Bumblebee has a problem with an invisible plane? That's lame.

  2. When her Amazonian fearlessness is showcased, Wonder Woman is awesome. Criticizing a campy TV show interpretation just demonstrates her misunderstanding of the character, and proves why a movie could succeed: it would surprise everyone accustomed to the 'lame' Wonder Woman.

  3. Well said

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